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Mate of mine is signing up to the rozzers. How does he continue his pension (if at all). What documentation does he have to fill out (if at all). Any info would be great..................!
I know it is definitely possible but I don't remember the mechanics of getting it done. The Police recruiters had a booklet which briefly explained the procedure and gave you details of who to get in touch with. He should be able to get that booklet from his recruiter.
I'm not sure how helpful this will be as I know the police pension scheme has changed drastically since I joined 13 years ago. I remember the transfer process as being quite simple, just a matter of signing the relevant forms provided by the pay office (police type) and they did the rest.
Although the terms have changed a lot, I can't see why the process would be any different.
Dependant on how long your oppo has got in the mob, it would be worth checking whether it is in his interests to transfer it across.
IF you or he want to PM me, I can probably ask the question with our pay office.


When you mate gets to his police training establishment they will provide all the paperwork. Its all done at the same time as they sort out your other allowances. Its very simple. They usually give you approximately three quarters of your Army service towards your pension time. I did eight years and got given 6years and a few months. Its lovely almost finished.

The new pension means that officers work longer and they dont contribute 11% of their wages every month to the pension (which is a lot) but the new officers pay out will be less.
It can be done. Relatively easily. Simple form filled out and forwarded to relevant part of pay office. He should ask on his induction/admin day, (usually prior to or within first few days at depot). Rule of thumb is it will transfer across at two thirds rate. IE: 9 years regular army service = roughly 6 years towards reckonable police pension. As previous poster stated, if he's any decent length of military service he'll need to weigh up if it works out to his benefit.

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