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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by PnGu, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Has anyone on here joined up after serving as civ police? I'm looking to join and have 10 years pension saved up - can anyone give me a clue what that would equate to from their experience, or even whether it's transferrable?

    Theres plenty of info about Army to Police pension, but nothing the other way around...

    Any useful info would be appreciated.
  2. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Are you mad??? Sorry I couldn't resist that, I have only heard of one (in 24 yrs, but I 'm in the Inf), and as far as I know he was only "marking time" in the Police until he could pass AOSB.

    Maybe some people from the Armed Forces Pension Society could be best placed to answer your questions.

    But best of luck anyway.
  3. Not quite what you're looking for, but if it is transferable you'll be quids in, because it's such a large chunk of police salary. Mate left plod after 12 years (age 32), became a railway driver (good £££'s), the rail pension people said the transfer was more than a railwayman could put into a pension in his entire working life, and he need not pay any more in. Here's the rub though - albeit he was now oversubscribed in the new pension, the rules forbade refunding him the difference. It's certainly a complicated subject.
  4. Am I mad? Probably, but the axe is about to fall very heavily on me care of Windsor/May... I'm facing the prospect of having to work another 30 years with no prospect of further promotion to get my pension at 60. If I live that long!!

    Basically, if the pension works out ok, I'll be better off in the long run joining and taking the pay cut for a few years...
  5. 6 yrs service plus 4 years from previous pension scheme. Missed this increment by 24 hours (great idea to join on second day of the financial year)

    Ospre qualified to Sgt last year and now promotion boards are shutting down for the foreseeable..... So not even any acting available.
  6. Seeing as you put it that way...!

    There are pros and cons to leaving/staying, just a big call to make for the greater good (no spooky repetitions please...) and unfortunately the financial side is the biggest dictator.

    In hindsight, should've joined straight out of school all those years ago instead of convincing myself I knew it all!!
  7. Sit tight and watch the new National Crime Agency?

    T&Cs are hardly going to be worse than plod. If you're not in London, you might be on an increase.
  8. Yes, you cannot use it to take another paying job I believe though.

    Tell them you're off on Hajj, no one will have the balls to turn you down for fear of a grievance.
  9. I've done both. Life in green was great when I had the body and lifestyle of a young man. Plod suits me much better now I'm a little less concerned with my BFT time and not being separated from the missus and kids for six months every couple of years. Winsor (if all recommendations are implemented) is indeed a shit sandwich. You're a long time dead between now and sixty though. If the pension is your concern, look at other options. Property perhaps? I know at least a few guys I work with who are considering money saved by withdrawing from the pension scheme would pay off a second mortgage before they retire. As for your original query, I have no idea.
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  10. The idea is, in theory, that I can get 22 in with the intention of going for LE. Recruiters said all sorts about 'fast-track' etc when they heard qualifications/experience but that kind if thing I'll believe when I see it.
  11. Have looked into TA, but again the job conflicts - will need permission from my force to apply (effectively ending my hopes of ever getting another course!) and they won't authorise the leave I need to commit to it... All or nothing it seems!

    Career break wouldn't work - I couldn't really class Pirbright as 'travelling'!!
  12. Huge decisions before you. I'm married to a copper who will be in London on 10th complete with placard so I understand the changes coming to the Police. However, be aware we military also have changes coming with a new pension due on or around 1 Apr 15. To date there are no firm details on what shape this will look like, but I guarantee it won't be anything as good as 75 or 05 Pensions. We may have to work longer, be unable to draw it until old age etc etc. What I'm getting at is that if your moving just for pension think long and hard. If your moving for career, the excitement etc etc be aware we are out of AFG by NLT the end of 2014 perhaps earlier and for those who have served during a training Army, be prepared for an unexciting life. Add to this a drop in wages, until at least Cpl and it should take you at least 5-6 years to get there if your quick.

    Don't wish to sound pessimistic, your choices I know, but please go in eyes wide open and perhaps ignore the smoke being blown up your arse by the recruiters.
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  13. Military pension schemes are also being changed into ? (yet to be announced) from Apr 2015 but I think an obvious given is the immediate pension point at 16/22 years is a thing of the past.

    You can buy into the military pension scheme using your existing pension years and SPVA (the pensions people) will work out what your current pension pot is worth in terms of Army years, and this has to be within the 1st year of joining. Jumping ship for pension purposes may not be the best thing to do at present.