Police Pay Dispute.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FrankCastle, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Work to Rule.

  2. Illegal Strike(who's going to arrest them?!)

  1. Having listened to that vomit-inducing moron Tony Mcnutly sneering and dismissing the police pay dispute, I would like to know what a ARRSE members think the coppers next move should be...
  2. Have a proper work to rule and start arresting proper criminals rather than getting a tick in a box by arresting the general law abiding public because it's easier.
  3. This government take the piss out of any pers who cannot strike.
    Get on the line I say. (picket)
  4. My own two-pence worth: Work to Rule. Stop carrying firearms - then watch the MP's etc sh1t themselves when they don't have armed bodyguards! :twisted:

    Our leaders will always find extra money to pay for their own protection. :roll:
  5. A work to rule?

    What a novel idea, the police doing what they are supposed to do.

    Can you imagine the chaos? :)


    Saucer of cream for Ms Steven! :D
  7. This government doesn't understand 'principle', only 'power'. They aren't going to change their mind unless compelled to. I think the rank and file copper should compel them to live up to their agreements regardless of how much they really, really 'don't wanna!'

    They'll soon stop drumming their little political fists when they realise their next big gathering will be accessible to the great unwashed because there are no masses of policemen to keep them whipped and at bay.

    Incidentally, striking's illegal, but who's going to arrest them? Are they going to sack every single copper in England & Wales?
  8. Let them go on strike, then I am sure a few thousands arrsers could be found to keep law and order, think of the fun we could have with all the chavs etc
  9. Gents I think you will find that the Ambulance Service and Police gave up their right to strike in the 70s when they agreed a deal with the then Government. In return they were both given a large pay rise.

    The Fire Service chose to retain their right to strike and hence got a significantly lower pay rise and our involvement in Op FRESCO.

    So do we reckon the Police should be striking? You know the score when you sign up and as countless others have pointed out on ARRSE if you don't like the T&Cs then sign on the line.

    This of course doesn't make the Government's position correct.

    My two bob's worth.


  10. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I notice that when the police pay review body's recommendation is watered down and they end up getting less that its all over the news, their union rep gets interviewed on radio 4 and politicians start sweating it. Yet when the armed forces pay review recommendations are ignored and over ridden there's eff all about it anywhere.

    I's also question whether the police will get any sympathy from the public given the general impression that they're doing a crap job.
  11. True enough, but as Frank and Carrots said: who's going to arrest them?

    If there ever was a full-on police strike, Broon would have two options; declare Martial Law or bottle and cave in.

    Given his previous record, which do you think is more likely?
  12. I think I recall Op Fresco was firefighters striking........
  13. Strike? Come on, in all honesty, who would even notice?
  14. I for one believe they should receive the full pay rise rather than a staged version care of Broon's Party. I well remember the staged farce we had to face a few years ago and the reality of no pay rise at all when the cost of living, accommodation and food charges were taken into consideration. Whilst our Pte's and JNCOs receive little when you consider what they are going through in AFG at the moment, and Iraq in the recent past, equally, the Police on a daily basis, 24/7/365 can and do face danger from the chavs of this world who think nothing of carrying knives and guns. Give them the full amount now, and more importantly continue to pay our soldiers what they deserve rather than what a Politician, who has never served, thinks they deserve.
  15. Good point - police in Scotland got their full pay deal. So we could have a situation where police in England and Wales strike, but Scottish coppers keep working! 8O

    Only under this Government... :roll: