Police over kill or what ?

US police sends 3 police car and Helicopter to arrest an 11 yo girl for throwing a rock at a group of boys tormenting her, could just as easily happen here, Chavs and yobs getting away with murder and when YOU react the police is down on you like a ton of bricks.

Couldn`t happen here, don`t think the boys in blue have got three cars and a helicopter available at the same time, plus the ambulance would`ve got there two hours later due to a call centre mix up :roll:
countdokku said:
Fox Hunting is banned.
let them hunt Chavs!
And Gypsies, Pedos, Junkies etc

And stick with the traditional horseback hunters with a pack of hounds sniffing out the chavs brut aquatonic they nicked from wilkos
Only in the States?

Seem to remember an article in the last couple of months of a mother in high dugeon because her 5-6 yr old daughter who had had a tantrum at school was arrested in the classroom by plod including the use of handcuffs.... Incident was on film which is why it got out.

Anyone else remember it or got a link?

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