Police order eight year old to break toy gun

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Active_Edge_841, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. "There is also a risk to the person carrying such a weapon. It is difficult to tell the difference between a real and an imitation firearm and officers will take appropriate action to protect the public."

    FFS - this is so wrong. An imitation gun looks like the real thing so fair enough but a kids toy - this officer should be ashamed. Too few kids play outside these days and childern playing reasonably should be encouraged. I assume some pillock had complained. Disgusted. Ranting...

  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Jesus do these people actually receive training or do they recruit mongs off the street, its an eight year old kid with a toy gun for fcuks sake. Are they that incompetent.
  3. Way back in 1973 (I think it was) two young men went into the Indian (?) Embassy in London to do some sort of protest, armed with toy guns they had just bought in Woolworths for about 70p each. Both shot dead by armed police. Deemed appropriate action etc. No question that the "guns" were anything other than toys, not that they looked like anything other than toys - not at all realistic. However, in this case, a small child, not an adult, on the pavement outside his own home, not in the entrance to an Embassy. Sounds like a right jobsworth of a copper. Not that his job is worth much, compared to those of real decent police officers.
  4. You couldn't make it up! If the story is as reported, all I can say is that instead of diversity and equality training for Police Officers a 45 minute lecture on common sense might be in order but of course you can't legislate for that.

    And before the apologists leap in - this is about public perception - and the current perception is bad.
  5. Unless it's some scrote with a real firearm - in which case nothing will be done. You can even get some nice publicity shots of your 'crew' and get them published on your corporate web site:-


    Good to see he's following correct safety procedures by keeping his finger outside the trigger guard though.
  6. Depends on the child I suppose!

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  7. A straightforward case of criminal damage?
    If I was the parent of this kid I'd be on my way to the police station to report it as such.

    What a stupid, horrible, officious, jobsworth, humourless, pedantic, bullying twat of a copper.

    Welcome to Labourland where cops smash kids toys and then sit on their fat arses drinking tea and filling out forms for six hours while real criminals go on a daily rampage.

    Probably be arresting us for 'thoughtcrime' next.

    Real coppers must be grinding their teeth in fury when their braindead colleagues do things like this.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You can let Wiltshire police know your feelings here.
  9. Glad to see they have a zero tolerance policy
  10. It's all a Community Plod is good for - taking toy guns off kids - go catch some real crims!
  11. Tough on crime, tough of the causes of crime.
  12. Also from Wiltshire:


    Prepare to spit coffee at your monitor/keyboard. Some have their toys smashed in front of them and are reduced to tears, while others get celebrity status.

    Quote from the comments after the article about the 8 year old:

    This Wpc, is she the same one that wouldn't patrol a vilage some time ago because there were no pavements and it was to dangerous?
    Or is it just Wilts joke police again
  13. If the alternative to smashing the toy gun was going down the Cop Shop then the father is spineless.

    I would have gladly gone down the station, somehow i can't see the CPS following this one up.

    Can Police Officers get done for wasting Police time?
  14. Must be rough round your way if even the police hounds are tooled up. Do they wear doggy body armour?

    Ahhhh ..... I'm forming a clearer picture now.

    I thought that was compulsory at Eton.