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Discussion in 'Officers' started by lentil, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. Hello,
    I need some advice from someone. At the moment I can't make a decision between a career in the police or a career as an army officer. The reason I believe I can't make the decision is I don't feel I have enough information on what it's like to be an army officer, as I have found a lot of information in the career booklets very vauge. I don't have the required educational requirements right now, but I have an opportunity to get them if I find that an army career is what I want. I realise I may get a biased response asking this question on an army site, but what do you guys think I should do? Is there any other way you guys could help me at all i.e. the advantages & disadvantages of being an officer (in your opinon) or any other way I could get more information? I know it's a lot to ask but any help would be great.

  2. Army...simple
  3. ARMY be the best (BE A SEX PEST)
  4. Hmm. Spend your time nicking people for displaying the St Georges Flag, protesting, driving at 6mph over the speed limit, whilst watching rapists and burglars etc walking free


    Leading the world's best fighting men into battle

    Seems pretty clear cut to me!
  5. Big question, very much based on your own beliefs and what you personally want to get out of the career.

    How about join the Army and then move onto the Police later on, there is a much stricter age limit on the Army. Personally I'd say Army all the way but it all depends on who you join and why. Oh, and what Legs said (above) also. Very true. It's all about the lads.

    Have you thought of RMP? Gulp.
  6. I meant - ARMY!!!!

    (in case I wan't clear!!)
  7. Having been both i would recommend Army over old bill anytime. What can be better than leading the best in the world. The fighting men of the British Army, and women, musn,t forget the girls. I mean that girls as i had the honour to train some of the beat undercover girls in the army. So to recap go for army officer as to become an "officer" in the police you still have to start at the bottom as a pc and hope you can fast track. Then you can nick old ladies for having a fag in public and become the motorists friend ha ha.
  8. If you have, as an officer, forget it. You would gain very little of any value -either in RMP or outside.
  9. How about police as a civi job then TA part time? Not too sure on the practicalities of this but there must be a tread on arrse somewhere about it.
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Waaaah! Yes.......right....is this a serious question........ on this site.... no surely..... nah....p1ss off fool...........

  11. Hmm. Spend your time poncing around with inbred mutants while waiting to invade third world countries and shoot babies.


    Actually find out something about each job before posting boring moronic cliches that a Sun reader would consider ill informed.
  12. Police pension is better than the army - worth considering.
  13. I have met loads of ex services in the police (including officers) but can only think of two who went in the other way (both young lads to Sandhurst)

    Also bear in mind as a soldier unless you are going to be a general your career is effectivly over at 40 and you spend the rest of your life being an ex something where as in the cops you retire at 55 on a 2/3rd pension (but that is changing soon)

    I could have done either and choose the police, I sometimes regret it but often I don't , remember there is a refreshing lack of bullshit and you don't go on exercise, its allways real.