Police officers to claim race discrimination

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. In a nutshell "hundreds of black and asian police officers are preparing to launch discrimination cases against their own forces, encouraged by the example of Tarique Ghaffur. the Scotland Yard Assistant Commisioner" (Sunday Telegraph Page 2. Sorry no link").

    Ironic that this high ranking officer has been discriminated against in reaching the rank of Assistant Commisioner. Ironic that no white officers seem to be launching any discrimination claims or would that be construed as racism on their part?

    Why is that?

    This isnt a rant, racist or otherwise, but why is it that the officers who always seem to complain that they are being hard done by are nearly always black, asian, gay and lesbian (unless its the journos stirring)? Surely white officers are passed over for promotion, feel equally discriminated against, but get on with the task in hand.
  2. A number of factors here I think;

    1 - The "Stir-It-Up" factor beloved of all journalists.

    2 - The tiny minority (No pun intended) of whiny little bitches who will complain as a tactic for deflecting discipine measures or if facing the boot.

    3 - The constant newsworthiness of the above.

    Most plods. like most soldiers just do what they do and there's no drama. That's it, they carry out their duties as required.

    Some bobbies do have a genuine case for some problems they encounter in their careers and some don't even if they pursue the matter through the courts.

    But and here's the but, in today's climate of hysteria about things foreign/black/muslim/welsh/ginger etc.... Black/Ginger/Gay/Welsh people involved in court action/complaints etc are newsworthy.

    So to return to the point about white/hetero etc plods carrying on without complaint, yes they do. As do most coppers regardless of who/how they shag and who/how they worship or not.

    Next week it'll be killer dogs or a sudden realisation that most people involved in collisions are drivers and then calls for banning drivers from the roads because they cause collsions, mostly bollocks but just as true as all the other hysteria...

    When journo's are told to find out about /or monitor a subject, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they write about it thus creating the impression that that particular subject is all that's happening.

    And yes, IMHO, Tariq Ghafur IS a cnut...

  3. Not so much that they get on with the job in hand but more the case that they are fully aware that they have no political muscle with which to complain, afterall it would be racist to have an Association of White Police Officers wouldn't it?

  4. Funny you mention that. A few years ago when Jack Straw was the Home Secretary white senior ranking officers asked to set up a white officers police federation to be run along the same lines as the black and gay/lesbian ones. Jack Straw refused saying by thats by its very nature it would be construed as racist. Funny that political madness is at the heart of Government. 8O
  5. You must understand that all white hetrosexual males are by their very nature racist homophobes who unless they are potential rapists must be peodophiles, its just the way it is. How do I know this, well a series of Zanue-Liarbore "think-tanks" have said so, therefore it must be true.
  6. Ethnics,women,disabled etc all get fast tracked up the ladder in the name over equality and when thier short comings are inevitably exposed due to being over promoted. Then the only to save face and earn a few bob is to cry racism/sexism homo/islamophobia take your pick
  7. Is this the same Asian copper who has sued 3 or 4 times of racism claims?
  8. A few years ago I listened to an acedemic saying that within the Police Service black officers should be given promotion over white officers EVEN when the white candidate was better qualified, the better to ensure that ethnic minorities were represented in the upper echelons of command.

    When the interviewer asked if this might not cause resentment among the passed over white type the answer was;

    "Yes, in the short term but they will come to realise that it will improve the service as a whole in the long run"

    What is now happening is a direct consequence of this type of thinking, for myself I don't care what colour, creed or sexual orientation the bloke I'm alongside is, I want to know that he is there because he's damn good at the job, not because management need to fill a quota and he's scared of heights, or can't read so good.

    The end result of this is that if you are working with any minority, you have to ask yourself,

    "Are they here because they can do the job, or did they threaten legal action?"
  9. That's Ali Dizaei, but his previous claims have lent a hand in the present cases going on.
  10. Strange how his use of the courts stops so many people from saying exactly what they think of him.
  11. Personally, I think that the guy's a complete twat, especially as he had most of his promotions handed to him in the name of ethnic diversity and then he bites the hand that feeds him when they uncover some nasty stuff on him eg:- the tapes of him threatening his bit on the side.
  12. I wonder if there are any examples in academia where senior professorships have been awarded on this basis. The results would certainly be instructive, and of course exemplary to the rest of society.
  13. IIRC Ian Blair already has a conviction for racial discrimination under his belt. That was for sacking a white officer who referred to turbans as 'tea cosies' at an anti-racism workgroup.

    Good point made previously about the National Black Police Officers Association. They're fully committed to anti-racism. White people can become members - they're just not allowed to vote or become officers of the organisation. Nothing racist about that eh? That's why the govermment bungs them 100 grand a year.

    We're in the last days of the Roman Empire. Nero Brown is fiddling while Rome burns. His favoured minorities are scrambling to make as much as they can while our public services are still a playground for the loony left where a mere suggestion of racism will trigger career ending witch hunts.

    They've seen the future, and it looks bleak for players of the race card, professional homosexuals, diversity coordinators, wimmins officers and transvestites who want a higher income than can be made spouting innuendo in working men's clubs.
  14. As in the military,if these 'minorities' were any good,they would(if they wanted) be promoted.
  15. Really? Or you could just concentrate on doing your job. :roll: