Police Officers Killed

Discussion in 'US' started by Phil306, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Why police officer deaths rose 37 percent in 2010 - CSMonitor.com

    Police officers killed in 2010 on the rise | thenewsstar.com | The News Star

    Police officers killed in 2010 on the rise | thenewsstar.com | The News Star

    In 2010, in the United States, there was a 20 percent increase of police officers killed, via firearms. Yet, some people on this UK board want police officers unarmed and refuse to accept, the UK and the US are two different animals.

    To the slain, god bless, to the slayers: **** you and I hope you die/rot in hell.
  2. However the sidearms of the officers in the USA do nothing to protect them from their biggest killer, traffic accidents.
  3. Would also make it considerably harder to shoot dead a policeman if you couldn't legally buy enough hardware to kit out a SWAT team.
  4. Just out of curiosity who, on this forum want police officers to be unarmed? In the UK perhaps but I can't remember reading of any arrsers saying that they'd want to see American Officers unarmed.
  5. You can't legally buy enough hardware to kit out a SWAT team here in the UK but that doesn't stop police getting shot, does it.
  6. Right so how many British police were shot to death in 2010? Outside of Northern Ireland 12 police have been shot to death in Britain since 1985 according to the BBC, compared to the 59 shot dead in the USA in 2010 alone. So if it isn't the ease with which any nutter can arm themselves (Virginia Tech being a horrific example) what is it that makes Americans kill so many more of their police officers?
  7. Bigger targets? EDIT it also seems like the larger female officer has hung her coat on her pistol....
  8. I can't think of one person on these boards, ever, who has expressed any preference whether US police are armed or not, still less suggested that US police should be disarmed.

    And to be frank, your waving these dead officers around on the end of a stick in an attempt to provoke yet another argument about the relative merits of the United States of America and the United Kingdom, is disgraceful.

  9. How the hell are those two cop's?

    If they were wearing Blue Serge, i personally, would find it highly embarrassing that fat freaks like those two were allowed to walk the Queen's highway's.
  10. Jesus, the bottom one looks like something out of Little Britain I'd be surprised if he could reach anything more than a gentle amble.
  11. Are the criminals large pies or something ? do citizens get eaten for traffic offences over there ??
  12. Looks like he is sporting the new bullet proof waistband.
  13. By the look of the backgrounds on the photos they drag the metermaids and evidence room jockeys out during parades and fairs etc.

    Look at the bottom one rubbing his hands together at the though of the Kreme donut float passing by.
  14. Looks like our Police want to be American