Police Officers Killed

I realize this website is directed more toward the military, however, as a police officer, I like to keep "us" in the forefront. Yes, this is for the US, however, I believe the UK is heading for the violence we see here now. What brought this about? The second link is two Alaska State Troopers ambushed and killed; for nothing more then being police officers.

Honoring Officers Killed in the Year 2010

FOXNews.com - Two Alaskan Police Officers Killed in Ambush

111 police officers killed in the line of duty, in 2010; thus far. 41 of them from gunfire...RIP my friends.
Ambushing police officers? Happened here in Germany about 17 years ago, maybe longer. The attackers had a slight problem with the law and decided to get their revenge. There have been other fatal attacks on police officers as well, for just trivial reasons.
England being England we'll do feck all about it, until it becomes too big a problem to do anything about. You don't have to be military to serve your Country. RIP


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Moat was going to try, but he failed. Actually, he failed at just about everything, including breathing. Bit of sad cock really.
RIP and condolences to family, friends and fellow troopers.

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