Police Officers in (another) shooting.

Nice to read good news for a change.

Hope they cstch the second guy.
:evil: West Midlands Ambulance service later said it took a man, who was in custody, to hospital with a head injury.

I hope they kicked the fcuking sh*t out of the Scrote, Im sure his defence lawyer will be saying he was attacked by the coppers. Throw the book at the chopper and give him an automatic minimum 10 years for being involved i a gun related crime. I hope his mate has a tragic accident that blows his head off.

Well done the two coppers and thank god were not starting another R.I.P thread for a services death.
brilliant news to finally get a bit of scum of the streets, I live about a mile from where it happened and all I can say is they need a payrise for just going into that estate (and unarmed). with a Somalian community centre at one side and a Nigerian commmunity centre at the other its a constant gun/tribal/african battle, Got a bit navigationally challenged going to collect the missus from work and ended up slap bang in the middle of it, never going back scared the poo-poos out of me,


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One copper with a hand injury, one suspect with a head injury...

Good drills that man!
Second time in six months that West Mids officers have been shot at, glad there ok and they caught one at least.
Good effort. I hope his mate suffers death by cop! Pleased to see the two officers involved are both ok. It must take some kahunas going up against someone tooled up and prepared to use it when unarmed yourself!
Good news all round then. If some sc0te pulls a gun it's open season to use just about any force (including lethal) hence his "Home Office Approved Headache"
I can only second what others have said: Good Drills.

I will also not lose any sleep if Scumbag 2 later commits Suicide by Cop.
Very glad to hear that the 2 Police Officers are ok. Brave guys, we are fortunate to have people of their calibre serving us.


Edited as I clearly can't watch TV and spell properly at the same time :oops:
Well done the police! Again . . . . .

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