Police Officers Ambushed in Washington

Discussion in 'US' started by YANK60, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Four police officers were shot and killed at a coffee shop near Seattle. This makes five cops killed in this area in a month.

  2. Here's a idea stop hanging out where they sell donuts, job jobbed....
  3. Used to live/work about a mile from the coffee shop....

    In the immediate vicinity there are a fair few low rent apartment complexes, trailer parks and so on. Any number of possible places for some low life with a grudge.
  4. You used to live in Lakewood, WA? Wow, that's a coincidence. Interestingly, the link I posted changed as the story was updated. I haven't seen that happen before.
  5. This is the man wanted for questioning in the shooting, Maurice Clemmons.

  6. Betcha, he isnt taken alive.....

    I pray he resists so the PD can use his skull as a Colander afterwards
  7. Might end up like the incident last year in Georgia or Florida (forget which)
    A man shot and killed one deputy, seriously wounded another and also shot and killed a police dog.
    Reporter: "Why did you men fire 67 rounds"
    Sheriff: "That's all the ammunition they had"
    Like his style.

    From what I read the shop is owned by a retired cop and sits on the border of the next jurisdiction and cops us it to meet, swap information and use the wi-fi to do paperwork on their laptops. It was not a robbery gone wrong, not with 4 marked cruisers in the parking lot. Sounds like a revenge sort of thing by someone who hates cops.
  8. It's not gang-related either. Gang-bangers, scum though they may be, aren't this stupid. They're agenda is drug business, and something like this would kill it. Every baggy-panted cnut in 3 states would be rousted. This is a lone nut.
  9. Apologies for diverging from the main thrust of the thread........

    Not Lakewood, which I always took as being the other side of I-5, but the Parkland/Midland area - but yes, spent 5 years over there. Still go back over to visit every year or two.
  10. Here's more on this 'Maurice Clemmons' guy that they wish to speak to...

  11. The clip is doing the rounds on the internet. When they start riddling him, they also shoot the police dog who'd run in to attack him.

    Abive the sounds of mixed weaponry firing, you cab plainly hear "Ma dawg, ma dawg................you shot ma dawg'
  12. #

    Well, it's the land of the free and every man has a a right to carry a gun. They love spouting that one but get outraged when someone goes off on one. They can't have their cake and eat it when some nutter runs amok.

    Gutted about the dawg though. RIP fella.....
  13. Seem they may have the guy they want to 'talk to' holed up in a house, further north, in Seattle.... and further shots fired.

  14. msr

    msr LE

    But of course, if everyone else in the cafe had been armed, this wouldn't have happened would it :roll: ?