Police Officers accused of using water torture.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biped, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. No way man, that's infringing their liberties!

  2. Quick cuff around the ear if they resist.

  3. The courts won't punish, so beat them mercilessly!

  4. Gimp suit, barbed wire, basement, MDN.

  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Good drills, but bad drills for getting grassed up.

    Rozzers need to get confessions, and if that means drowning a drug dealer ot two, or bouncing a nonce down a flight of stairs, who's going to be upset?

    We need to get back to basics, nay, back to medieval with these miscreants Ashes-to-Ashes style.

    If you go busting into a suspected drug-dealer's house, and find him and bags of drugs IN the house, then he's obviously guilty innit, but he's likely to get off scot-free, so get the digs in, get the face-cloth on, get the bucket, get the koshes and get some remedial therapy into the cnut.

    This isn't a war-zone, and the rules of war don't count - it's scmubags on the streets, so let's pan them. :twisted:

    Let's put it to the vote, and whilst we're at it, let's think up some good 'contact drills' on finding a miscreant in the act of perping a crime.
  2. They don't like it up em Mr Mannering

    There must be a few Gay coppers out there who wouldn't mind giving a bit of an internal examination, get em to camp it up, the fecking dealers would hate being violated by a rampant bobby. (or even a rampant rabbit)
  3. Medieval? I'd give 'em f*uckin' medieval psychological warfare...

    1-decapitate prisoner in suitably slow, horrible and public way (hours of fun there alone)

    2-load twitching, dripping head into siege machine

    3-ignite head

    4-fire at target of choice

    5-force remaining prisoners to sexually violate carcass "in order to avoid the same fate"

    6-repeat steps 1-5 until desired effect achieved/supply of prisoners exhausted

    7-job done. See how easy it is when you use a bit of imagination?
  4. tie the dealers up and spoon feed the fluckers there grubby drugs in a wild geese style!
  5. Lads, I just want to say that when I set up the Judge System(2000AD is a Training Manual, not a comic 8) )you're all guaranteed places at the Academy of Law! :twisted:
  6. Once upon a time Strathclyde police were a law unto themselves, the streets were a lot safer then.

    Im sure the met had a good reason for wanting to dunk some crims head (maybe he had greasy hair)
  7. True. Strathclyde Polis dealt with the early Razor Gangs by the simple expediant of having unmarked vans filled with the biggest, ugliest coppers they could find- and this Glasgow we're talking about! - who were armed with the Mk1 BFO Stick and used as a QRF.

    As soon as the Gangs started to fight, Starthclyde's Finest would rock up and hit anything that moved. The Neds soon got the message that p1ssing of the Polis could seriously damage your health... :twisted:
  8. I read a book a few years back about the Glasgow Police in the immediate post-war years which was pretty enlightening. The wartime coppers were too old or medically unfit for military service and the crims just ran riot (literally) until suddenly they found the Police Force filled with fit young war veterans who were damned if their city was going to be left in that state and were up for a scrap.

    It was quite amazing how many known faces 'chose' to jump off roofs rather than be arrested. :wink:
  9. And as written in the bogs at the car park behind Dockhead St in Saltcoats,

    God made bastards tall and small
    Strathclyde police employs them all

    Or the wee ditty sung to the tune of the advert when they first started the Strathclyde travel card in the mid 80's

    Travel Strathclyde polis
    each and every day
    there's no doubt about it
    they'll put you away
  10. What's the matter with a bit of water-boarding? We used to practice it on the sprogs (and each other) when I was at school. Ok, it's a tad unpleasant but nothing more than a bit of harmless fun at the end of the day! :D
  11. Up for corruption charges and now this on top! Have the officers involved upset someone perhaps. Witchhunts and occasional bloodletting are nothing new in the plod after all.
  12. My bold and italics, why not at the same time as torturing them, make them agree to act as snitches for you, this leads to a larger clear up rate, taking the biggies down while controlling the smaller ones giving them less to work with because you are clearing up the major dealers, eventually leading to a non existent drug problem, due to the fact that they'd be shit scared of dealing, yet again leading to a workforce that could a few of the menial jobs around town because they'd get bored at home with no drugs to ease the boredom.