Police officer who shot dead unarmed suspect faces criminal investigation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cavemandave, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. Police officer who shot dead Anthony Grainger faces criminal investigation

    The police officer who shot dead a Salford man has been told he faces a criminal investigation, it emerged today. Dad-of-two Anthony Grainger, 36, died from a single shot fired from a sub-machine gun while he sat in the front of an Audi in the corner of a car-park in Culcheth, Warrington. Armed officers from Greater Manchester Police had swooped on vehicle in a 'pre-planned' operation. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr Grainger, from Salford. Now the IPCC has informed the officer who pulled the trigger that he will be subject to a criminal interview. A statement released by the IPCC today said: "We served a formal notice of investigation on a GMP firearms officer on April 2 as part of its investigation into the fatal shooting of Anthony Grainger. "A notice has been served on the officer who fired the fatal shot to explain that his actions are under investigation. He has been advised that he will be criminally interviewed in due course." Mr Grainger died as a result of a single gunshot wound to the chest following the incident at around 7.20pm on March 3. His family have called for the officer who fired the shot to be charged with murder. The bullet - from a police-issue Heckler and Koch MP5 sub-machine gun - was fired through the windscreen of the Audi. A post mortem showed it entered Mr Grainger's body through his side and penetrated a lung, his heart, and then his other lung. Two men were arrested at the scene of the shooting and a third man was arrested the following day. All three men have been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

    Read more at: Police officer who shot dead Anthony Grainger faces criminal investigation | Manchester Evening News - menmedia.co.uk
  2. And? Your point is?
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  3. He doesn't appear to have one. I think I might pick a random news story and post it up for a laugh.
  4. Criminally interviewed? No such thing.

  5. Are you thinking about joining the RMPs. I am, but the PARAs are my second choice.
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  6. They mean interview under caution according to Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.

    It will probably also have a seperate section for the police discipline proceedings (both are done on the same time, but the interviews have to be seperate as the level of proof is lower for the police discipline code-balence of probability rather than beyond reasonable doubt).

    Hardly suprising, if you are looking at this situation and ask almost any question-it may tend to incriminate someone, somewhere for something, and so must be asked under caution.

    Perhaps you might want to let the investigation into the circumstances carry on without further comment? (I would say that for a member of the public, squaddie or copper).

    We have due process in this country, and I do still believe in that boring old concept of "innocent until proven guilty", and have lost track of the number of summing up speeches from defence counsels including "the Crown brings the case and the Crown must prove the case, Mr XYZ does not have to prove their innocence".

    You can debate the IPCC and cops in general-but unless you want to scuff up possible proceedings and fairness of future trials, avoid specifics?
  7. I've seen some criminal interviews. I mean ones that were criminally shit.

    Maybe that's what he meant :)
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  8. Congratulations. Fill your ******* boots.
  9. Also noted the use of the term Sub Machine Gun, a tad pedantic maybe but the MP5 used by plod is a carbine, with safe and repetition settings only. Fooking lazy reporting (as usual).
  10. Really? It's women's auxiliary balloon corps all the way for me. "More helium Tanya!"
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  11. I wouldn't join the Paras, I had to stag on the gate with some of them at HMP Rollestone, they were right rude to me, one big lad called me a Hat ****, I was devastated. I cried myself to sleep that night in the Nissan hut, until I forcibly had sex with the Ghurka Sgt who was on our Mortar Cadre. He looked like a little chocolate frog he did, I made him call the name Freddo with each push.
  12. You bastard.

    You have just ruined the ****-fantasies of loads of probationers who believed five minutes after their probation was up, they could be in SO19 jumping through windows with an MP5 in each hand giving it big licks on automatic.

    There's always one that's got to ruin it for the rest of them.
  13. Not to mention finding out if it's true that there is a place in a mans head that, if you shoot it, it blows up.
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  14. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    They'll be finding out that plod can kill people with impunity next!
  15. We can? Thanks Sixty.