Police Officer spared after childs plea

A policeman who faked the theft of his own car and burned it for insurance money has escaped a jail sentence.
Scottish Crime Squad detective Alan Gavin, from Falkirk, will instead carry out community service thanks to a plea by his 14-year-old daughter.

Sheriff Craig Caldwell also said a "surprising" decision by the Crown Office and the procurator fiscal had led to a more lenient sentence.

If the case had gone before a jury, a prison sentence would have been likely.

Gavin, 43, one of only six qualified snipers in Central Scotland Police, acted after his two litre Nissan Primera GT blew a cylinder head on the M9 as he travelled home to Falkirk from a shopping trip to Edinburgh.

Lonely spot

After taking it to a garage, he found he could not afford the repair bill, so he decided to pretend the 150 brake-horsepower car had been stolen.

He arranged for his brother Hugh - also a Central Scotland Police constable - to tow it to a lonely spot near Armadale used by joyriders for dumping trashed cars where. Gavin then set it on fire.

He later claimed £4,225 from an insurance company and bought a replacement car.

At Falkirk Sheriff Court, father-of-two Gavin, whose career varied from acting as an armed guard at the Lockerbie trial in the Netherlands to serving as a community policeman, was sentenced to 240 hours' community service.

I do hope he's Brother was convicted of aiding & abetting too!!
Lets hope this criminal is no longer allowed access to sniper rifles.
Nothing new here In Belfast the Prison officers were getting their cars nicked and set on fire in order to get new cars from the NI office saying that their cars were being targeted.

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