Police officer proves he was still on duty during sex romp

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Too funny for current affairs!

  2. Surprised he didn't claim to be hearing voices telling him to do it. :)
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's devotion to duty that is. That's like a squaddie (all of them) leaving their boots on during a 'job', and yes, I have, once.

    Edited: mongism.
  4. Sounds like a good site for picking up tarts though!

    Any of our plod brethern wish to comment on whether he was being picked on unfairly (as his brief claims)?
  5. shagging on duty - done that

    his crime - getting caught

  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    So who caugh thim and why wasnt it posted in caught other people shagging thread?
  7. I read about this in the paper yesterday and I thought 'how did he prove to the court that he was able to respond? Did they recreate the scene in the courtroom and time his response while he was busy with the tart?'
  8. US, tend to agree. Damn those CCTV thingies....
  9. I will watch this one with interest.

    Insp Khan was the duty officer I presume? He was responsible for any major incidents in the London South area and carrying out PACE reviews in Victoria custody.

    I do agree that it was a disipline matter . Taking Insp Khan before the courts for Misconduct in public office was a bit OTT.

    it was in my opinion gross misconduct and neglect of duty.

    I can now imagine that Insp Khan will now be in front of the Chief Constable and made an example of for bringing the force into the public eye in a negative way.

    I know a few high ranking police officers which have been involved in other incidents and nothing more said.

    I do wish insp Khan (luck sort of). What a dream having a quickie in full uniform whilst at a police station.

    We can all sit on our moral high horse but come on if you had the chance!!
  10. No thanks, he's not my type......
  11. Dont support this pr@ck to much,officers i have dealings with are not at all impressed,most were hoping he would be sent down for a couple of months,
    theres alot more to this that has been kept hushed up,this tw@t is a serial womaniser on and off duty,i am trying to find out what happened to the original allegation of rape which brought this case to court in the first place.
    im on nights today so will make some enquiries with contacts down south
  12. Did he get his Capital One credit card?

    Had he reached the vinegar stroke before he got his answer within one minute?

    (See original post)

    Coat, hat, door....................woooosh!!!!
  13. Mellish,

    Just leave it, all sorts of people look at this site. Don't dig the hole any deeper..
  14. I was 'accused' of screwing racks (as in WRACs) to the desk in our NI Ops Room on nights.

    Being untrue (it was on the floor) I dutifuly laughed this one off to the missus who replied that she'd already heard it!!

    So she's heard I'm shagging around on nights and is not bothered????? Mmmmmm, interesting..........
  15. Well Two Jags Prescott got away with shagging his diary secretary at work. If its Ok for a ( At the time ) cabinet minister then it should be Ok for anyone to do it. Cant imagine getting away with that excuse in front of the boss some how.