Police officer is shot by youth

Police officer is shot by youth


A police officer has been shot in south London, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.
The officer, from Southwark, was unhurt in the shooting in Beaton Close, Peckham, in the early hours of Sunday.

No-one has been arrested but armed officers were brought in and a house in the area was searched.

The officer was shot by a youth who was part of a group that appeared while the policeman was talking to another group of youngsters about a moped.

A police spokesman would not say what type of firearm was used, but said no weapon had been recovered at the scene.

Officers from the Met's Operation Trident unit, which investigates gun crimes involving members of the capital's black community, are investigating.
I would imagine the red mark on his forehead is a dead giveaway.


Seriously, it could have been so much worse. Glad he's unhurt though I'm not sure about his pride or the state of his underwear and reference the latter, I'm really not interested.
suits_U said:
Excuse my ignorance, but how can you be shot and 'unhurt' at the same time?
body armour? i hear the term "stab vest" every now and again, is that what the met police wear, does that stop bullets too?
jimmys_best_mate said:
suits_U said:
Excuse my ignorance, but how can you be shot and 'unhurt' at the same time?
BB gun or similar?
Thats what I thought, but is it really necessary to get 'trident' on the case if it was?
Or is this just an excuse to highlight the fact that there is a problem with gun crime, again..........
Im glad the officer was unhurt, but I get annoyed with the media's half arrsed effort at reporting things.
the Operation Trident unit investigates gun crime involving members of the black community right?
What if one of the scrotes was white, would he be ignored :D
thelostboy said:
suits_U said:
Excuse my ignorance, but how can you be shot and 'unhurt' at the same time?
body armour? i hear the term "stab vest" every now and again, is that what the met police wear, does that stop bullets too?
They will, so i've been told, stop up to 9mm rounds. But to be honest i'd rather not try to find out if this is the case. They're not particularly stab proof either, the ones my force issue are supposed to be for ballistic trauma but will offer some protection from a bladed item, though again, i wouldn't want to test this theory. I cant speak for the Met issue armour, but from what i've seen of it, it's a bit thin and not very well fitting.

Hope the officer involved is ok.

Op trident is involved as it probably involves a firearm and a black suspect (both their remit). Funny it's mostly them dealing with the bulk of shootings in London.
my comments were more tongue in cheek.
Knowing a few police officers, they echo the comments of seagull with regards to the 'stab' vest
Here we go - I need to get out more often BUT .....

The Home Office has various standards of resistance for protective vests

Stab resistant ( No 5 and No 9 blades) 40 Joule attack.

HG 1 (Hand Gun) 1 and 2 (9mm Browning and 0.357 Magnum equivelants).

HG 2 - 0.44 Magnum equivelants.

SG (Shotgun) 1 - No 6 shot

SG 2 - bigger badder boys (SG etc (NOT Brenneker)

Various rifle calibres also apply but by then its starting to get ridiculous.

I remember? the above from trials I did over 12 years ago so please don't crucify me if they are out of date. However it is once again the old argument of mobility over protection and acceptability. It really isn't viable to ensure police officers will wear the armour all of the time when on duty if they things weigh 15 Kg each (one did and was excellent but its all down to threat assessment)
You're absolutely spot on there R_M - you do need to get out more.

I take it though that most police officers are only issued the stab resistant vest and the others are reserved for specialist units.
Dingerr YOU are spot on - I do need to get out more.

IIRC it all depended on what the threat was at the time. I worked in DPEE at the time and we tested the vests on behalf of a Force and I explained the above tenets of mobility etc. I think they opted for stab vests with HG 1 and SG 1 protection with more specialised vests for armed response units. They actuall wanted their Officers to wear the vests at all times. They had a couple of good (uniformed) senior officers on the project who asked for and took advice. How does that work then :brilsmurf:

Stand By for incoming - the Force paid for these vests by forcing a lot of their finest off the sicko list and out altogether.
well you can ban them, criminals will still get them and your police will still be sol.
I do believe EX-STAB was being every so slightly sarcastic in his last :brilsmurf:
Was he?

They should ban sarcasm as well.
Maybe not a blanket ban but just a ban on sarcasm that gives off that lovely whoshing sound as it flies over people's heads.

And I really can't see what people have against blankets.

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