Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by yamkwak, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. I have relatives in the Met. Not good.


  2. RIP mate

    Goes to show no one is safe at any time of the year be it in Helmand or London.
  3. :( Got a mate in the Met on Traffic,

  4. sad state of affairs. rest easy fella. thoughts with family
  5. Another statistic sadly, RIP.
  6. http://www.policememorial.org.uk/Police_Memorial_Trust/NPM_Roll_GREAT_BRITAIN.htm

    Since 1982 about 80 Police Officer's have lost their lives in the course of executing their duty. A total of 178 since the end of the war.

    Regrettably, another name to be added to the list.

    An Angel In The Sky Must Leave His Place Of Rest,
    Gently Tucking His Wings Beneath His Armored Vest.
    For Duty Has Called, There Is Much Work To Do
    Little Did He Know, This One Is Dressed In Blue.

    Arriving On The Scene, He Knows Just What To Say,
    "Follow Me, Fallen Brother, I'll Show You The Way."
    "Your Duty Has Ended, Your Work Is Now Through."
    "Come Hang Your Hat Beside Mine, I'm A Cop, Too."


    That does not include the hundreds of RUC officers killed in the line of duty. Too many to count.

    Condolences to the latest's victims family, friends and colleagues.

  7. RIP

    I noticed when more police were going to be armed with Tazers Amnesty International complained , worried about any harm to the wrong doer.
    Perhaps they would like to visit the late officers relatives and explain their position?
  8. RIP.

  9. Not another RIP thread please!!
  10. Looking at the news to date, the Policeman died whilst attending an incident
    and a man has been arrested on suspicion. I for one am going to hold off throwing epithets regarding this as he may well have had an heart attack or somesuch unfortunate occurance.
    RIP anyway.
  11. RIP mate, upholding the law fella