Police officer cleared of Ian Tomlinson manslaughter

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. My faith in justice and the Police is restored…=-\\\\


    "…Pc Harwood admitted he was wrong to hit Mr Tomlinson during the protests in April 2009 but listed a series of more extreme measures he could have resorted to control the situation – including using his gun.

    He said: “At the time I believed he was obstructing the police line and needed to be encouraged to move away.
    “We don't get time to sometimes think of your options because it is an instant reaction.”

    It can now be revealed that Harwood's attack on the homeless alcoholic marks the lowpoint of a police career blighted by violent outbursts.

    In 2005 Harwood was hauled up by his bosses after he was seen to knee a suspect in the kidneys as he lay on the ground.

    Again in 2008 he was at the centre of allegations of 'heavy handed' policing after he twisted the handcuffs of a manacled motorist he had pulled over for an apparent speeding offence.…"

    Police officer cleared of Ian Tomlinson manslaughter - Telegraph
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  2. Any signs of "shopping without paying" breaking out yet?
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  3. I'm glad he got away with it.
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  4. Well, what a surprise.

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  5. Well, I guess the camera does lie ?!
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  6. If you're going to get in front of a worked up TSG officer, and keep winding him up, expect a slap. Even more so if you're a pissed up pant-wetter.

    Being a TSG officer takes a certain kind of man. One with balls.

    I bet you guys complain when you tease a war dog, and wonder why you get bitten.
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  7. Great news! More pissed up trams need a kicking.
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  8. Thanks for the well thought out response. Feel free to drop by any time and educate us further.

    As for him getting "off" he was found not guilty by 12 independent jurors. They were there for the duration, heard all the evidence and made their decisions, unlike the majority of the people who will be commenting on this thread (me included).

    As for the previous complaints, how many were upheld? It's seems to me that the only coppers who don't have complaints made against them are the ones who have no direct contact with the public.
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  9. You must be joking, not in this rain. All the bling turns a funny shade of green

  10. Don’t be a tosser. The guy hadn’t broken any law, or he would have been in the back of a van having is cuffs twisted by Simon the bullying **** Harwood. So now we have a precedent where by coppers can bash the heads in of people whilst their back is turned, kill them, and guess what, its legal. **** the police. Seriously.
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  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    What, like these ones?

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  12. Yeah, see what they did to Allen Bradley.
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  13. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I'm not googling him, tell me or I'll smash your face in.
  14. There was lots of video of the incident, I must have missed the bit were he bashed the head of someone, do you have a link?
    Or are you just typing until you think of something sensible/interesting to say?
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  15. He was just walting it up as Antoni Gaudi.