Police officer charged with murder

ISTR the lecturer using the expression "take your victim as you find him" and this was in the 80s so Mr Peach was a recent example at the time. I'm not a lawyer, this just came up as one of the topics in our law module and we spent the rest of the lecture wasting time with any examples we could think of, scaring someone with a dodgy ticker, bumping into someone with brittle bones, punching a haemophiliac on the nose and he bleeds out.


Murder is about 'intent' and is a deliberate premeditated act.
Has the CPS found evidence that the officer intended to kill Mr Atkinson with his taser?
I suspect a CPS balls up.

I believe the phrasing is "intended to kill or cause serious physical harm"
I believe the phrasing is "intended to kill or cause serious physical harm"
Of which a taser is not. A bit like if a frothing lunatic who has taken an incredible amount of drugs got hit by a stray ping pong ball and died.

Causation and correlation are not the same thing. Yes, the taser may not have helped things, but I suspect the biggest factor was the epic amount of illegal substances he had in his system. Both physiologically and mentally in that they made him act even more of a **** than usual, ending up in him forcing a police officer to take restraining action.
I believe the phrasing is "intended to kill or cause serious physical harm"
But you don't intend to kill somebody or cause them serious physical harm with a taser. The point is to stop the suspect and gain control of them before they harm members of the public, themselves, or members of LE. So charging two members of your LE community for using an issued piece of kit is madness. The only thing these publicity stunts do is hurt members of the law abiding public, because it just creates that much more incentive for LE to turn a blind eye and not risk losing their freedom to perform their role. At which point your public would be expected to be able to look after themselves and then you get the American attitude towards personal security.
I suspect the tasering part is the aspect press are focusing on because to my mind there is almost certainly more to this that just the taser activation. This is not to say the whole thing doesn't concern me (it really does as an operational taser carrier) and I do sympathise with them a lot; but I'd like to learn a lot more.

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