Police message - in fridge magnets

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lucretia, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. Lucretia

    Lucretia Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    "Police's fridge-magnet calling card
    An investigation has been launched into claims that cheeky police are said to have left a fridge-magnet calling card after smashing into the wrong house. Officers hunting a criminal recalled to prison for breaching his release conditions broke into the home of a couple in Oldham.

    The family came home to find a hole in their back door, police in the yard, and fridge magnets rearranged to spell "OLDHAM TASK FORCE CALLED".

    Aaron West, his partner Leeanne Baker, and their two-year-old son Leighton had only moved into the rented house in Letham Street, Hathershaw, 11 days earlier.

    Mr West, 20, said: "It's pathetic and childish. I want a written apology. We came back from shopping to find the back door smashed in and on the kitchen work top. The police here didn't tell us much, so I went to the station to ask why. But when I told the desk sergeant I didn't know who they were looking for, they just weren't interested

    When I came home I noticed the fridge magnets had been rearranged and said: `OLDHAM TASK FORCE CALLED'. "These are for children, they're not for the police to leave a message they've raided your house."

    Police bosses have launched an investigation"


    (taken from boingboing.net/www.arbroath.blogspot.com 11 August - neither the world's most reliable source of info, but I do hope it's true)
  2. Some people have no sense of humour.
  3. I quite like that story, it's the sort of "pathetic and childish" thing I'd do. But then I am only 38 with a propensity for boshing the wrong door.
  4. I am surprised plod could even spell all of those big words. If the guy by the 'fridge is chav scum,good drills.
    If he is not,no doubt some hand wringing,followed by an ambulance chasing insurance company will be along soon to assist him during this trying and difficult time.
  5. At least they had the decency to tell him who it was who'd broken into his house!
  6. Don't see what the problem is. Leaving a calling card is not eco-friendly, and waking the chav up before his Giro arrives is liable to precipitate a violent incident.
  7. Chav or not... Have a sense of humour. The force will already cugh up for a new door and no doubt a better one than he already had.

    Look at the state of his mush next to that. You'd think they'd sh1t in his fridge. Its akin to when mothersget a photo taken next to their little angel who was SAVAGED by next doors hamster etc!

  8. Why didn't they just leave a chicken in his water tank like everyone else does?
  9. Perhaps they did but he just hasn't had a look yet.
  10. he is a working man. the police were wrong and stupid in any other job dismissal would would occur
  11. Oh come on, this is late on a Friday night, stop being so sensible!
  12. No doubt he will be "distressed, traumatised, prescibed antidepressants and unable to work".
    Actually GMP paid him a compliment, in assuming he could read.
    Just another boring tw@t after his 15 minutes of fame and £15,000 compensation.
  13. How do we know he didn't do it himself? Call me Mr cynical but where there's blame..........
  14. The guy by the fridge is a father to his partners child, they are a young family and don't deserve this. Would you like it? Has this anything to do with the class of person you are in this society?