Police may use water cannon to control violent demonstration

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Contrarian, May 9, 2009.

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  1. How many thousand tasers did the Home Office order recently? Now there's talk of water-cannon. Could it be CS gas or plastic bullets soon? Is this a worrying trend or should we just accept it?

    One thing is for sure: the face of policing is unrecognisable from that of thirty years ago.

  2. Eh? Is it just me...
  3. The best way to disperse crowds is stink bombs. Isn't truth stranger than fiction?

    All research shows a really eggy one and people can't hold the angry thoughts in their heads and wonder where the * the stink is coming from.

    The hippies will just love the water cannon. They'll be dancing around in their sandals having wet (Che Guevara) T-Shirt contests.
  4. The police in the UK have had CS and baton rounds since the early to middle eighties. As for the face of policing being unrecognisable from thirty years ago, by the same token, so is modern day society. Certain elements of society get the police they deserve. [align=justify]

  5. That just about sums it up OKCHU. If you don't want to get duffed up in a riot by the police, don't go around rioting.

    Rioting is not the same thing as protesting. Seems to me, some of you blokes don't know when you are well off.

    We have the same elements here, had everything handed to them on a plate and now bite the hand that feeds them.
  6. Well, as long as they promise to use the CS after the water cannon, then that's fine...
  7. Wonder what a couple of tazers would do to a crowd of soggy crusties standing in a big puddle..?
  8. And so long as the water is warm
  9. The police have had access to watercannon for many years; from the agreement with the Belgian Police in the 70's to drive them over from the continent for riots in Northern Ireland, to a similar agreement that stands now between NI (which chose to purchase their own after those early trials) and mainland police forces. If they want it is only a ferry ride away!

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  10. At the moment it boils down to someone like me running up and down a road hitting people with a stick.

    Now if NSY, HM Govt and the public don't want that; but don't want riots either they'll have to think up something else.

    Water cannon may well do less damage than a fricton lock baton, I don't know. But it'll look bad on the TV as well, won't it? Final proof the govt has lost control of public confidence and keeps ramming unpopular legislation through and can't win an argument so resorts to a police which is rapidly loosing the confidence of the law-abiding tax-paying public anyway.
  11. The next step is mix dye and an irritant into the water. The 'rioters' or shall we call them protestors, once sprayed are unable to see and covered in orange dye.

    An easy target for the baton waving TSG.

    These protestors could well be me or you one day. Don't forget what happened at the countryside march.
  12. Interesting point about the Countryside March - PC Plod was a little to eager on the baton, and quite a few reasonably law abiding folk got a thwacking. Heavyhanded policing? Cue news stories about policemen feeling threatened and intimidated therefore they had to crack a few heads...... I suppose it's ok to whack a few tory voting skulls but........when swampie and his mates have a street party in London, hell bent on causing criminal damage, the police response is judged to be disproportionate!

    Maybe the next Countryside march we need a lot more video cameras in our crowd to record our version of events?
  13. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Water cannons eh?

    Nice to see the Police responding so positively and sensitively to recent negative coverage in the media.

  14. More to the point, what would happen if Plod threw some soap in at the same time as using the water cannon ?? One quick way of dispersing the crowd, methinks :wink:
  15. Id sooner a water cannon to hose the turds back into the gutter than getting lynched by lefty tossmongers for sticking someone.

    Its tough sh:t, they tried the 'low key' method - leaving officers unprotected at first in soft hats and no shields, leaving only one tactical option - baton - to defend themselves or push the crowd back - people complained too much and the media cum in their pants over it.

    so, in order to maintain a distance from the crowd water cannon may be next.

    Depends what the rioters prefer - a good soaking or more physical methods