Police LSCG medal - Its a long wait

Discussion in 'Medals' started by hellweg, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. In line with almost every other country in the world, the United Kingdom rewards the men & women of it's Emergency Services for the valuable work they do, risking their lives every day of their service, with a Long Service Medal. The Police Service after 22 years. Fire & Rescue Service after 20 years. Ambulance Service after 20 years. Prison Service after 20 years. I urge the Prime Minister to please instruct the relevant body to prepare an ammendment that would allow the Queen to reduce the award point of the Police long service medal from the current 22 year point to a new 20 year point. This ammendment would be extremely simplistic, and it would cost little or nothing to impliment. But what it would do is bring fairness, equality and continuity to ALL the long service medal award points within the United Kingdom Emergency Services.

  2. Cool, it would mean only another 12 years to go.
  3. I take it you're just about at your 20 year point then?
  4. What is the point of the police LS&GC medal? Everyone gets it, whether your useless or the best. It's an achievement not to be awarded it. I never wore the ribbon and no-one ever even noticed.
  5. Hmmm. Army LS&GC is issued at? And with respect, I don't think every member of every part of the emergency services risks their life every day. Why don't you just be good for 24 more months?

    That said, I wound up about 30days short for an ACSM (if that's the right title)...
  6. You get a free buffet, there's evry point to that. :D
  7. I'll never last that long so I'm gonna be spiteful and suggest it gets bumped up to 30 years!!!

  8. Specials get theres at, wait for it, nine years, go figure.

    There was a bloke in my intake in Hendon, in his early 30's who allready had it when he started basic training for the regs!

  9. My old man got his at the 22 yr point. I'd not want it devalued by being reduced. Get over it.
  11. Friend of mine served with me in Macedonia (Task Force Harvest 2001) and got given the NATO gong the ribbon of which, he has worn with pride on his (police) uniform to much merriment and comment from his peers and old sweats.

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  12. good for your mate. Some tecs won the iraqi reconstruction medal which bares the question if they had tunics would they be allowed to wear them?

  13. After 9 years of giving up their time for free I think they deserve it.
  14. No different to the three strands of the armed forces.
  15. Sad that you feel that way