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Police looking for gifts to send to soldiers in Afghanistan

Croydon police looking for gifts to send to soldiers in Afghanistan

7:40am Friday 26th June 2009
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By Harry Miller »

Officers from Croydon police station have launched a campaign to send care packages to London’s soldiers in Afghanistan.

To commemorate the first National Armed Service Day, Sergeant Darin Birmingham, whose son is a Royal Engineer, has begun fundraising to send care packages to the soldiers of the 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, currently based in Musa Qal’eh, Helmand Province.

While some of the soldiers live in Musa Qal’eh others live in compounds on the outskirts, subsisting on ration packs and limited home comforts.

Post is patchy at best and is delivered on a weekly basis by a convoy of tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

Sgt Birmingham said: “It is about time we did something for those serving out there working their socks off in the heat.
More on the link

Good on them. There is a very pro forces feel in The Police of late and Help for Heroes bands have been popping up all over (Much to the distaste of some bosses who don't like them being worn on duty).

Keep up the good work I say!

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