Police - legal obligation to investigate properly?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by RandyMcScabb, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Here's the score...

    Basically I reported a road rage attack at the weekend - no damage, I stayed in the car but I was sufficently threatened to consider running the bloke over (Thought he was going to get a weapon, couldn't get away in the car, tried to force entry into car etc). Loads of witnesses, lots of CCTV in the area.

    Reported to the police with what I believed was his Partial VRN - no return on PNC check so incident dropped (told via answerphone message). I asked them to re-open it and check the CCTV in the area... answerphone message - no CCTV coverage in area, incident dropped. Just been to the police station having approached the owner of the cameras and viewed the CCTV myself (the incident is on it)... the woman at the desk;

    1. Wouldn't let me make a statement about the incident (it's "all in the log") - No, it isn't! I wrote a 3 page statement after the incident - they wouldn't even look at it
    2. Wouldn't let me speak to a police officer - to date haven't spoken to one at all
    3. Told me that unless I could provide a full VRN they couldn't take the case any further (The footage I saw was poor quality - No VRN, but gives exact time and overview of incident, other cameras in better lit part of road should be able to give VRN for identical vehicle on same road, same approx time?) - why was it my job to find out?

    So, my questions;

    a. Can I do any more to get the police to look into this properly without a formal complaint?

    b. I haven't got a crime number - does this mean it doesn't go on the forces crime stats? (if so, is that why they're not that bothered?)

    c. Having done the 'right thing' and not run the twat over I'm now sitting here raging - have been since it happened... Sufficently pissed off that I keep driving past the car park to see if he's come back - should I just have battered the prick???

    Thanks for listening - feel better now! any feedback on points a & b would be appreciated :) c I already know the answer to
  2. You should have told the coppers that the attack was because you're gay and black. They'd have been all over it.
  3. First, take a bit of time to get your breath back. Go back to the Station and ask to speak to an Inspector. Explain the matter rationally. You may have to leave it with him/her for a day or two, but agree a date/time that he/she can get back to you. You shouldn't have any grief. There is a formal route, but I doubt that you'll need to take it. Screw the nut though and don't chops off.
  4. Sorry to hear about that mate.

    Just a quick one about your No.3, for the CCTV evidence to count you need continuity of evidence, i.e. overlapping cameras which catch the car during the incident and then during his 'escape' until his VRN can be captured properly.

    Thats where the fun starts, to count as evidence the VRN must fill 1/3 of the veiwing screen, without being digitally zoomed in. Now you can probably guess that its almost impossible to get the cnuts face in the same pic that has his VRN covering 1/3 of it.

    Another one on that, to recognise this cnut, he needs to fill 50% of the screen.

    So if you can get him during the incident at 50% of the screen, then see him getting into his car, which is then continually tracked until a VRN is clearly 1/3 of the screen then you should have him nailed.

    Who said the justice system is there to protect criminals

  5. Without wishing to contradict what you said, do you have a source for this info? Never heard of this. Doesn't mean it's not true mind!!

    On the face of it, this should have at least been recorded as a threatening behaviour. Having sufficient sufficient evidence to support an arrest/charge is an entirely different matter!
  6. Thanks Chamoone!

    My thoughts were that they would use it to find the witnesses. Said woman then gave me a lecture on why I should have taken their details before leaving the scene and my inability to provide a full VRN.

    Bless her!
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Document the whole thing very carefully (both the attack and the police behaviour, with police collar numbers) (and without rhetoric) and ask your MP to ask the Home Secretary why your police refuse to investigate.

    With all these things (and ordinary commercial complaints) never bother with the apparatchiks in the middle as once one has lied to you, the others all back it up. Go straight to the top.
  8. Yes mate, I used to work in the CCTV side of life and althought I cant quote legislation to you right now, cos I'm sat on my arrse in the mess, I remember from the various CCTV cse's i've done and it's all you get drilled into you for a 2 week course.

    I'll try to find the actual legislation at some point.


    Also for future reference:

    To ID a person he/she needs to fill 120% of the screen, i.e. knees to top of head.

    To recognise a known person 50%

    To monitor people 10%

    To detect movement 5%

  9. Fair one; thought that might be the case :eek: As usual the police on the beat are the last to know!Whilst I am taking this post on face value, my experience tells me that there are most definitely 2 sides to every story. You hear stories that initially sound like clear cut cases of police neglecting their duty. Until you hear the other side of the story. Which puts awhole new slant on things. However, if it is strongly believed that police are dragging their heels, PST will take delight in taking down an overworked, harrassed, front line bobby. It's what they do you see :roll:
  10. Exactly, so instead of this "alledged" road rage cnut getting what he deserves it might end up being Joe Bobby because he's got bigger things on his plate or too much paperwork to do.

    However, I dont want to take anything away from McScabby's case because the way I see it, every genuine crime should be investigated, and it seems as though he's done most of the investigating for them.

  11. Granted there are always 2 sides - that's why I'm posting here... I want to sound off to you folks before chilling out and deciding what to do...

    My issues isn't with a police officer, It's with the support staff that won't let me talk to one! To be honest I'd be happy with someone just listening to the full story - the only input I've had so far was through a glass screen at the front desk to an admin type.

    I'm not after dropping anyone into the obvious, just want to get them to look into it properly...
  12. To be honest mate I can see plods point.

    Who got hurt?

    Any damage done?

    Whats the crime? Someone shouted at you?

    Just playing devils advocate here.....

    Even if you or plod found his name, address and VRN he isn't going to get anything other than a word in his shell like is he, oh, and he'll claim you called him gay/black/disabled/touched his kids etc.....

    If you had reported a crime you would of got a crime number.

    edited to add: if you feel that there was a crime call plod and say 'I'd like to report a crime please', They will take the details and give you a crime number.
  13. Sounds a bit like the need for 4 male witnesses to a rape under Sharia law.
  14. I got a 4 digit 'station incident log' number, as for the rest punching the windows, kicking the car, kicking the wing mirrors, genuinely thought he was going for a weapon to the point where I was seriously considering running him over...

    If i'd have done that it'd have been a VERY different situation

    Would have been happy with a police officer just explaining that to me after hearing the whole story (I know they were available, there were a few of them in the back office) Half a dozen witnesses who would have seen and heard everything (he wasn't quiet about it)

    I'm no expert but i think such behaviour can be considered assault without physical contact?