Police launch new child sex grooming probe in Rochdale

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, May 12, 2012.

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  1. It just depends how the racism angle is handled. There are those who would like to make this all about race and/or religion. No-one, even the BNP, are going to come right out and say all Pakistanis are paedophiles get rid of the lot of them, what they do is talk about the Pakistani problem and make their rhetoric give people the impression that this crime is a Paksitani thing. This is wrong on two counts, it's grossly unfair to the vast majority of law-abiding Pakistanis and it's diverting attention from others who would groom underage girls for sex.

    Why is it that so many people are calling for something to be done about Pakistanis and/or Muslims but not many people seem to be calling for these vulnerable girls to be given greater support and protection? Does anyone really think that getting rid of every Pakistani would solve the problem? These girls would just become the victims of some other predatory group because they're desperate for someone to take an interest in them, any interest even abuse and exploitation.

    To make this about race suits some agendas but it doesn't solve the problem so we should be looking for a solution not going off on a sidetrack.
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  2. I agree that much debate has been stifled in the past, especially by Labour who love to label anything that questions their actions as 'hate' crime. However much of the argument that you hear on less well moderated sites is based on racist assumptions. Calling them all dirty backward wogs is not going to solve the problem. Seeking ways to integrate the two communities as best you can is.

    I agree with you that giving one section of the community an easy ride is counter productive. On the one hand it causes resentment on the other is makes certain people feel they have carte blanche to do as they will. I would do away with all charges that relate to race because if a racial motivation comes out in the trial then the judge has the discretion to up the sentence on that basis anyway. People play the 'race' card because it works and it is weighted in their favour. We need to stop positive discriminating and we need to treat every case on its merits.
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  3. Indeed - I didn't want to go all Goodwin's law and stifle all debate by labelling people! The problem with these threads though is that any sensible discussion just gets lost in amongst the racist crayoning.
  4. I think this threads doing pretty sound so far. Not much crayoning

    I just want to emphasise though - the sexual aspect is what has brought this problem to wider public awareness. It is only the tip of the iceberg though. Allow a group of people concessions and liberties get taken.

    I doubt we'll hear much about the drugs rings, housing scams and brown envelopes at local politics though etc. The government will just wheel out another "community leader" to explain that these are only a very small minority etc etc and "community cohesion" and "we must educate people that" etc etc.
  5. One of the real threats to local life isn't a few dozen organised perverts. We can do that ourselves over the Internet.

    Instead, it's the continued systematic corruption of local political life, which reinforces the grip of those who want to be the biggest fish in the small pond of the ghetto.

    To our shame, the existing political parties- (and yes, Labour with its inner city bias are considerably the worst offender) have connived at this. They should have done something about the 'subcontinental' voting practices and organised corruption of the postal voting system a long time ago, but chose not to.

    To quote the Joseph Rowntree foundation report of 2008:

    "...with regard to convictions for electoral fraud Wilks-Heeg noted that ‘there is no denying that numerous convictions for electoral fraud since 2000 have concerned postal and proxy ballot fraud in specific inner-urban wards where a large concentration of voters originate from the Indian sub-continent’ and he cited the cases in Oldham, Blackburn, Burnley and Birmingham.

    The report also examined the effect of the Biraderi (‘brotherhood’) system on electoral practices in some British Asian communities. Wilks-Heeg acknowledged that this issue required further and more detailed research and that much of the existing knowledge depended heavily on largely anecdotal evidence but he noted that ‘it has been widely suggested that the Biraderi system disenfranchises voters, given the combination of a patriarchal clan system and widespread ‘use of postal voting, in which ballot papers are completed within the family home, or, in some cases, taken to a central facility (so called ‘voting factories’) for completion by party representatives."

    If you continue to allow a system that steals the voice of the citizens in order to put some local hack with the right colour rosette into the Town Hall, then you get the democracy you deserve. The citizens quite rightly think that Westminster doesn't give a shit about them, so if they want to get anything done, they'll have to grovel to the local headman, just like back in the old country.

    From there it's a short step from "They aren't interested in us" to "If they aren't watching us...Hmmmm... what can I get away with?"
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  6. In my teen years and twenties- it was not unusual to wander into the local kebab shop post drinking session at uni / during ones time in TA lol )to see a fit bird or birds in tears, make up everywhere inside being consoled or asking for one of the lads who worked in there.

    Likewise when clubbing in Broad Street - heard that the local young lasses were on about being best buds with some of the Asian lads especially taxi drivers..

    Just saying...

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  7. What were you searching to find this thread from 2012?
  8. The Arrse Tardis never stops you know