Police launch new child sex grooming probe in Rochdale

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, May 12, 2012.

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  1. As has been demonstrated - it's not so much about the victims being believed - it's about action being taken when reported - as opposed to turning a blind eye or wheeling out "community spokesman" mouthpieces to distance the "communities".

    The police believe them allright. Everybody knows what's happening. PC Bloggs halfway through his probation or Sgt Bloggs hankering for his next rung is not going to want to "make waves" though.

    Six degrees of separation? It's 2 or 3 in the culture being debated.

    Think of a high profile criminal gangster type... any one. How many prosecution lawyers have been bullied into stepping back from the case?
    That happened to 2 lawyers in this case. The defendants didn't do the nasty work - the "community" did!!

    This cannot be solved now - it's gone too far and current European legislation would prevent any roads towards solving it also.
    I can't wait until I can afford to emigrate and I'm going to bring up my now 5 week old son with a view to him living anywhere but here.
  2. OK, I can't be bothered to read through the last five pages as I've heard it all before anyway...

    For those who say "Something has to be done about this", have you actually sat down and thought about it?

    Say - and this is completely theoretical - men of Pakistani descent were actually statistically 10 times more likely to be peadophiles. What good could possibly come of admitting this? There would still be statistically a tiny probability that any given Pakistani-descended male actually is a peado, so there wouldn't be anything to be gained by profiling. Peados of other races would still exist, so it's not like it would focus police efforts. Contrary to what many posters on here seem to believe, it's not 'cultural' as there doesn't appear to be a scrap of evidence that it's accepted in the community - so it's not like we can educate our way out of it either.

    All it would do is increase racial tensions - and catch innocent Asian men in the middle.

    So how about we all just accept that peados should be caught, tried and locked up - and deported if their not British - and let the Police get on with it?

    Of course all the BNP types will still keep bleating like a broken record, as this post is based on reason... stand by for 40 pages of ill-informed bollocks and "I'm not a racist, but..."
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  3. ...anybody for a curry?
  4. MattB:

    Which Northern town did you say you were brought up in or have lived in for a considerable time?

    You are part of the problem - your last sentence sort of gave you away.

    Read the other thread. In it's entirety.
  5. When in Romans do as Romans do.
  6. That's unfair and beneath you. All the points are perfectly valid even his last sentence because the BNP are already trying to make out that all Pakistanis are paedophiles and that we should remove all Pakistanis from our shores along with every other Muslim. You may support that, I don't know, but what I do know is that you can remove every Pakistani and every Muslim and it's not going to stop children being abused in this country.

    To those who say something must be done, what do you think the sentencing of these 9 men to long prison sentences and the arrest of further gangs is doing?

    Something is being done and it's being done now.

    BTW Supermatelot, you don't have to have grown up in a Northern Town to be aware of problems. Have you ever thought that you're maybe just too close to the problem to give it any real perspective? What have you done about the problem? You moan about emigrating, why not lobby your MP or join the police? You say nothing is being done but you expect everyone else to be doing the 'something' while you pack your bags and leave. Still, you'll not need to look after your children if you go somewhere where there's no Pakistanis will you?
  7. I agree in principle but the issue isn't multiculturism, it's criminality. There may be a higher proportion of sex offenders who use these techniques in the Pakistani population but if we can't make our own white population who have no cultural excuses keep their hands off the kids how are we going to make people who get married at thirteen and think that anyone who doesn't cover their hair is a slut, accept that a scantily clad 15 year old wandering around at 10:30pm isn't asking for it.

    Feminists will assert the right that any woman can wear what she likes, where she likes,when she likes and I would Agree with them except for one thing. We live in a society where rape, whilst not routine, is not unusual. Convictions for rape are difficult to get and in the society we live in then we should teach our children to take precautions. Hot pants in the club, long coat and rape alarm to walk home.

    It's not just Asians who commit these crimes. Until we abolish rape and exploitation(and we never will) then we as parents have to defend our daughters and the daughters of others from those who will do them harm. This means responsible parenting, the teaching of situational awareness and encouraging our children at no matter how late it is, how pissed you are or what you have been up to, if you make that call, I will come and get you.

  8. That, I'm afraid, pretty much encapsulates the problem - the positive encouragement to abandon personal responsibility for one's actions.
  9. What an utterly crass thing to say. Accepting that one's offspring may just get themselves into a situation and protecting them through that situation should only be encouraged. It appears that you would be quite happy to let you drunken scantily clad daughter walk home alone late at night rather then protect her. Of course you'll say that no daughter of mine would ever get drunk or be scantily clad but you'd be wrong because all kids experiment and there's nothing to say the alcohol was self-administered.

    Gobbly-Wobbly gives sound advice. If you can't stop your daughter wearing revealing clothes then give sound advice. You might not stop your son taking his latest Iphone or money out with him but you might advise him to keep both in his pockets and don't flash either around because he doesn't want to attract the wrong sort of attention. He ought to be able to walk home with wads of twenty pound notes hanging out of every pocket but he can't. Equally a girl should be able to wear what she likes but she can't for the same reason, it may attract unwelcome attention.
    Quite frankly these feminista who spout the women should be able to wear what they like and encourage their daughters to do so are not fit to be parents.
  10. Except that some of the victims were younger than 15.

    Still, the ones who did this will be needing different files for the next few years.
  11. If one was a cynic one could say, much like the MPs' expenses scandal, that a sticking plaster is being applied, sufficient to stem the tide of outrage until it subsides, but insufficient to eliminate the cause of the problem.
  12. I disagree Mark. This subject has attracted a type of Godwin's law response for the past 20 years. People throw themselves onto the racism accusation bandwagon and mention BNP / National front at the first opportunity. Often people who have no real experience of what the problems are, but have formed opinion from whatever media source suits their outlook best.
    I know what the problems are based on my childhood. I left when I joined the mob at 16 and now only go back maybe twice a year. That allows me to still see objectively what is happening.
  13. You make an excellent point but equally the converse could be true.

    Nowadays we talk about joy riding when we really mean stealing a car. We talk about happy slapping instead of unprovoked violence. We use terms that sound more like pastimes than crimes yet the consequence of those crimes can be severe for the victim.

    I take your point that we would normally consider a paedophile as someone who is attracted to pre-teen children and that in the latest cases we are dealing with teens, some of whom will be precocious and even experimental. The point with ephebophiles is that they can operate perfectly legally if they stick to 16-19 year olds but these people are not they're preying on girls who are underage.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your last sentence, well said.
  14. I have to disagree that I'm part of the problem.

    The problem is that a (very small) number of men are preying on young girls.
    It's slightly exacerbated by the fact that there appear to be a number of vulnerable young girls who are easy prey for these men.

    As I'm not a peado, parent or teenage girl I'm really not part of the problem.

    I could have worded the BNP bit of my post better - I wasn't stating that all people who come down on the other side of the fence were BNP types, just that a number of them are and they seem to fill these types of threads up very quickly.
  15. Ok Matt, I accept that.
    I just find it frustrating though because the way I see it - the problems have been allowed to escalate because too many people associated ANY criticism of immigrants as "BNP type thinking". People were, and still are afraid to voice their true concerns lest they be labelled.