Police launch Anti-Terror plan


Among the sites getting special attention will be government buildings, train stations and the London Underground.

American schools, possible Jewish or Muslim targets, Territorial Army camps, Canary Wharf and the City will also be the focus of police attention.

Now I hope this doesn't compromise OPSEC, but I think you'll find most TA centres contain a body of people that can look after them, themselves.

So when are the TA going to be mobilised to get onto the streets, week on/week off?



" So when are the TA going to be mobilised to get onto the streets, week on/week off? "

I don't think the TA can be mobilised for internal security during peacetime (ie no threat to national security)..... no doubt someone with greater knowledge of TA Regs will correct me



Wouldn't the curent international situation and the threat of terrorist action because of said situation, count as a threat to national security?  

That is if the terrorist threat is as real as the home office is having us believe?  



TA can and will be be mobilised in the event of a UK mainland 11/9 event. London based units have already held an exercise on this scenario last month. It went well.
Ghurkas are now protecting the Cotswold air base up the road from me, not sure if they'd shoot though, I think thats up to the USAF SPs once they enter the restricted areas.  
Many key points and startegic locations protected by National Guards in US, it is therefore now an accepted sight to see chaps with rifles wandering round the New York subway, the only problem I could see with this was that the cops didn't have respirators and these guy's did.

to be honest with you, it is in view of a 9/11 incidnet happening in Blighty that many girls and boys have stayed in the TA. (Patroitic Bullsh*t I know but true).