Police killer suspect fled Britain in a veil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Police killer suspect fled Britain in a veil
    Times Online
  2. If this is true it just about sums up the state of this country under B Liar.
    The human rights act only applies to scum
  3. I am sorry but this is wrong, It highlights the flaw in our society where we tolerate people to hide their faces. No matter whatever the reason for covering your face, whether it be religion or disfigurement….. there will always be the time where you have to reveal your face and yet we are not enforcing it.

    I had been waiting for some scum to realise that they could rob a shop/bank in the niqab which would totally stuff the police in looking for suspects, depending on the area of the country of course. Although a murder suspect fleeing the country is maddening, the cops are left powerless by a totally ineffectual governing body that is too timid to tackle the issue head on.

  4. i remember when liam averill escaped from the maze during the christmas party in 97. dressed up as a woman and walked out to the coach with all the wives and children :)

    necky fucker.
  5. News 24 (15:20) has just had a West Yorkshire policeman on saying this may be true - in other words they do not know.

    But of course our noble press had a photoshop........ er, a photo :roll:
  6. I would have thought it shows the benal illusion of safety people fall for. Its dangerous to bring a 125ml item of shower gel into a plane but perfectly acceptable to not show your face at a passport check. I do not think this is a muslim issue but a security one.
  7. he was an asylum seeker from Somalia, jailed for three years for robbery but NOT deported because the wishy washy immigration twots were of the opinion that it was too dangerous for him to be sent back home... and a copper has to die for their fluffy view of the rights of asylum seekers even those that turn to crime when they get here!!

    sickening absolutely sickening!!
  8. Someone else of a dubious nature sneaked out again when bad news
    got released. Kind of becoming a habit me thinks

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  9. This appears to be police spin,latching onto recent 'veil' controversy.A leak to be sure(and not from Wales)
  10. I referred You earlier to a West Yorkshire detective who said there was a possibility of the bloke escaping as a woman in a veil, apparently (according to Newsnight) he ended by saying 'it is also entirely possible that he escaped disguised as a pantomime horse'

    Newsnight, by the way, is pretty disparaging of the idea.

    It can be seen here

    So there is hardly any chance of Jama getting out of the country in this way
  11. they are allowed to wear a Veil, what about me wearing a balaclava in Public then?, after all its the same thing :?
  12. maybe there is a possibility that he didnt, maybe even a srtong possibility at that, however what makes you so sure that there is hardly a chance?
  13. The fact that a detective equates the possibility to that of him escaping in a pantomime horse outfit - for starters.

    The Newsnight article for another
  14. Hmm,
    I do remember this morning when it first came up that there was mention of him using his sister's passport. Pretty precise that one!
    Even the woodentops in SB should be able to figure that one out (in the past tense) and start digging out manifests. Or perhaps not.........
  15. So follow the arguement through.

    If they cannot discover his method of exit, and yet it would be so easy to check if He used his sisters identity, it means that ..........