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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Proximo, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Folks,

    I have a meeting to prepare for and have been sent the pre-reading packs. for it. Problem: it's all in 'police speak'.

    If someone has the time (and patience) could they tell me what these mean?

    1. BCU
    2. OCU
    3. CTIU
    4. TAM
    5. LSP
    6. NCSB.

    And what on earth are the '4 tiered levels of interventions/activity'?

    I know I'm being idle but I know there are some damned knowledgeable people on this board: help much appreciated.
  3. Not a fluent filth speaker but

    Think the following is

    2. OCU

    Operational Command Unit
  4. I have books galore (Issued) before anyone calls me a train spotter. Can you give me a steer in which area of policing you refer and I might be able to help.

    I suspect that there are more than 4 tiers of intervention.

  5. I wouldn't bother learning them. They're probably completely meaningless anyway.
  6. According to the Strathclyde Police Website:

    1. Some Polis.
    2. Mair Polis (some with enhanced or percieved importance)
    3. Some Polis wi' an office joab.
    4. The wee goudger who cleans the cell block.
    5. Lang-term Sick Polis.
    6. Nae C*nt Saw Bugger-all

    4 tiered levels of intervention:

    1. "Ho C*nt....get aff him... now!"
    2. "Last warnin' Baw Bag!"
    3. Mace
    4. Wait 5 minutes then put the boot in once or twice.
  7. As I suspected.

    And thanks to the PMers and all who contributed.
  8. Thanks, you made me morning. :D
  9. Mate, get out more. Forget associating Police with law-enforcement, that went out 11 years ago along with 'Tough on Crime' etc etc.
    Crime is more of a social problem to be solved by partnerships with the WI and 12 year olds in ACPO ranks. More diversity and engaging with those nasty knife wielding 11 year olds?
    Not for the cops mate.
    Do you not remember that report by the really nice Sir William Macpherson who lives in a castle in Scotland,telling the Western World that the best Police Force in the world was ..........................
    institutionally racist? Hmmm. Even worse was the fact that it was completely accepted in all respects by that nice Lord Condon (then the Commish) who has since been travelling the world (Club Class of course) in search of corruption in cricket. Both of those luvvies completely knackered:-
    A) Stop and search anywhere in the Met
    B) Proactive Polizei.

    Sounds of flapping wings as said chickens are coming home to roost (by the millions).
    Crack on mate, try to even get the Plod to sniff at actual law-enforcement and even swearing a search warrant let alone executing it and I will be astounded.
    If it changes in our lifetime let me know, I'll be elsewhere.
  10. TAM stands for "Terrorism and Allied Matters"

    BCU Basic command unit

    OCU Operational Command Unit (different forces used different terms)

    Don't know the others, LSP is probably local service provider, context is however everything.

  11. NCSB = National Coord Special Branch
  12. Special Branch no longer exists and has not for a while, all those (public schoolboys) formerly in the uniformed barnch, lately in suits are now part of the AT Command.
    They even had a blended scotch to celebrate the end of it which was well subscribed, by all accounts.
  13. SB still exist here!!!!!