Police Involvement in Domestic

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by royalairfarce, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Just a quick one. I have a mate who last year spent a night in police custody after an arguement between him and his girlfriend. They share a house together and have been a long term item ie 7 years. Police were called by a passer by and my mate was arrested and then spent a night in the local police station, being released the following morning.
    Police advised this didn't need to be disclosed to the military. My mate is still with his girlfriend but now the military have found out and are demanding a copy of the forms relating to his arrest. My mate has now applied for and paid for the info pertaining to his arrest. However the military are looking at administrative action for him not informing them of the arrest.
    The witness who called the police didn't give a statement and my mate was released with no further action being taken. Any help from those in the know would be much appreciated,

  2. What is it you actually want to know?
  3. Sounds like a clear case of someone who needs to be 'AGAI'd'. Any member of the forces arrested by the police for such an incident has failed the service test. Anyone who thinks they can cover it up and not tell their unit that they have brought the Army/RAF/RN into disrepute has no integrity.
  4. Basically the CivPol interest stopped when they released him. Now the military have found out and are looking at administrative action due to my mate not reporting it to them. He did not do this due to the advice received from CivPol when they released him.
  5. What was he lifted for mate? Was it just Breach of the Peace?
  6. Breach of peace following a bit of an arguement with long term partner. At this time my mate had a leg in plaster and a pair of crutches following an accident in Afghanistan.
  7. Can't see the relevance of his injuries, so what exactly is it that you are after?
  8. Interesting. An administrative punishmment imposed by the executants of the state for a failure to inform the executants of the state of an arrest - by the executants of the state of an employee of the state who has been advised by the executants of he state that he need not disclose to the executants of the state that he has been arrested by the executants of the state.

    Nulla peona sine lege.

    How very 'Alice in Wonderland'. How very disproportionate and how very British!
  9. He was informed by the civvie bill that he didn't need to report it to the military. No further action was taken by the CivPol. However my mate wants to know where he stands regards the military now they are threatening administrative action.
    And no it isn't me!!!!
  10. The fact of the matter is, because he was involved with civ pol, he has to report it to the mil...regardless what plod says. They do not make Military Law.

    I got pinged for speeding a while back and because it was over a ton, I had to go to court. I had to inform my CoC. If I hadn't, I would have been in the poo poo with them too. Even though your mate had no charge raised against him, he was still arrested. If he had informed his CoC straight away, he wouldn't be potentially getting stuffed now for failing to report the incident. Its not the incident they are too fussed about its more that he didn't report his involvement straight after.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hopefully a domestic, with no violence, is just that, an arguement. Shit I have one once a week, but I am married to a south american - they get snotty over everything....
  12. Think that's pretty much put it to bed! I think that basically all he can do is apologise for the misunderstanding and give them the information that he has paid for.

    Thanks for all your help.

  13. If no action was taken against him and it was an over-nighter for BoP, how did his unit find out about it? I think the issue getting up his unit's nose, is that he was 'arrested'. The fact that bugger all happened to him thereafter is irrelevant. I'm not sure what the AGAI says about this type of matter, but he should read up first, or at least ask whoever is making the demands where the relevant information lies, so he can gen up. I wouldn't get too upset about it if I was him. He can easily explain the situation away in that once he was informed by the Old Bill that no action was to be taken against him, he left it at that. What has happened to him in effect is that he has 'spent the night in the Guardroom'. Big deal. Can't see why they'd even want to get excited about it. He should play the game, but make sure that he has a copy of the rules. If bugger all happens, he should try to claim back the expenditure.
  14. Cheers Biscuits AB

    He basically got pinged by the RMP doing a basic trawl on the computers. He then played ball with the military and they are threatening administrative action about eight months after the event.
  15. If he was arrested for a breach of the peace in a domestic situation, his arrest would be in line with the positive arrest policy for this particular scenario ie. domestic. In this circumstance, he would have been held until the next immediate court appearance in the morning/ afternoon, and then bound over in a sum of money to, ' keep the peace ' for a period of time specified by the court.

    The other scenario would be for him to have accepted a caution, or being charged with an offence.