Police involved in olympic flame in London

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Does anybody else find it amazing that the police use such a level of force against people protesting China's human rights abuse and Brazilian plumbers and yet they simply stand around and do nothing when certain people go out preaching death and destruction over a couple of cartoons? Glad they have their prioritys in order :roll:
  2. Amazing no. Wrong yes.
  3. I think i went with the wrong word when I said amazing as I'm not suprised myself.
  4. It's not the Polis involvement it's the FACT the Labour have allowed a Goon Squad from China to form the inner protection core.
    Probably the all time sell out of UK and it's rights.
  5. When the late communist Robin Cook was Foreign Secretary in October 1999,he instructed the Met to confiscate demonstrator's placards during a 'free Tibet' march in London,despite the fact that the confiscation of these placards was illegal.

    Cue to 2008 when the same communist government used the police to defend a fellow communist regime from the ire of protesters.

    There were no placards calling for the beheading of anyone yesterday,yet at least 35 people were arrested.Compare this with the imfamous riot of February 2006 when placards WERE displayed calling for the beheading of infidels and no-one was arrested at the time.

    Labour pandering to Islamic rioters?, YES,Labour ingratiating themselves with a communist government?,YES AGAIN.
  6. Why?

    Crusties need a bit of force used against them when causing large scale disorder. bet you wouldnt complain if it were an anti war demo, and rightly so.

    Must admit, the Met coppers on bikes then running along in bike hats did look like a cunch of bunts though :oops:
  7. Not half as pathetic as the French Gendarmes on rollerblades! I'm expecting the septic cops to be on skateboards at the least!
  8. Well you can bet your arrse that the vast majority of the ones 'kicking off' and causing the trouble were lefty, tree hugging fcukwits who couldn't friggin spell or point tibet out on the map if you asked them.... :roll:

    TBH thought it was a bit OTT meself (the whole situation), but who else apart from us brits would be mug enough to allow the chinese goon squad/security to run through the streets like they owned them.....
  9. I hear that the "pedal cyclists" weren't in fact "police pedal cyclists" at all. More like draggers of knuckles than peddalers of cycles. :wink:
  10. Anybody know what the status of the goon squad was? If the show was under diplomatic arrangements (IIRC that's not unusual for the torch and its entourage, thinks Moscow and LA) then they were a diplomatic protection squad, plain as. I was surprised to hear they were military, this sort of thing is normally handled by MSS. Maybe they're in the doghouse over the whole Tibet thing...

    If you want to argue letting them form the inner ring as a selling out, I'd say at least they weren't packing guns like the US Secret Service always do. They looked a but hyped up, yes, but threatening? Do me a favour. Who could take them seriously in that getup? Every time I saw a dustup on the news, plod was taking on the hippies and they just closed ranks around the flame.
  11. Great, two wheeled TSG.

    Still stupid looking, how come I saw no 'U' shoulder numbers?

    and I saw you - lurking with intent on policeoracle yesterday!
  12. Having carefully considered your comments-

    Your mum!

    Seriously though - I dont think the lack of immediate action against the muslim protesters was down to cowardice on the ground - what wins more points for new labour - showing 'tolerance' for angry muslims, or for white olympics protesters?
  13. Not sure about the U numbers i'm not all that familiar with the Metz but I heard it from a mate in the Metz who recognised these cycling oafs.

    :lol: I do sometimes dabble on the Oracle, though I do find it a bit tame compared to Arrse. :twisted: