Police Inspectorseverely depressed for 10 years

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. How can an inspector,said to have been severely depressed for 10 years,not have been retired from this force,on a sickness pension? If the level of stress suggested is correct,what might have been the consequences for all concerned,over the last 10 years,by hbis continued work as a policeman?
  2. Why didn't he get a grip of his shit and sort his life out?

    Does he think he's agot a raw deal?

    If so, step aside and let a better man do the job.

  3. Link?

    First hand experience says that it's possible he was stressed from trying to fight a broken system and still provide the public with some sort of justice or police service - never gonna win that battle....
  4. This Inspector isn't depressed but read some of his posts and you'll understand why one could be


    I've recently come to the conclusion that front line police work in the UK is like swimming up a treacle waterfall with w4nkers armed with stupid ideas trying to push you down it.
  5. yeah yeah, now frack off newboy you don't know what you are talking about.

    Now in answer to the sensible question..... you don't get cast unless you are ufit for police work, if depression is controlled and you can work, you stay in. (not unlike high blood pressure) if he was medicated, going to his counselling (if indicated) and performing he would have been left alone. Also if you haven't told anyone your depressed no one will know. I worked in a psychiatric unit before I joined the job. I have no formal qualifications (and wasn't invovled with treating patients) but met and saw enough to suspect that undeclared or undiagnosed depression is quite common in the job. Its not surprising when you think about it. Policing has become more and more dysfunctional in the last 10 years.

  6. That seems a very reasoned reply,to me.My worry is that this unfortunate man's situation may well be replicated in some other police forces?

  7. Was this creature armed? Why didn't he get a new job if he found police work too much for him? Just how sh1t are the police?
  8. Army cuts psychiatrists as mental health problems soar

    The Army has fewer than half of the psychiatrists it needs to cope with psychiatric casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Herald newspaper found. The Ministry of Defence admits that 2,123 troops have been treated for various mental health conditions related to their service since 2003, including 320 for full post-traumatic stress disorder. Combat Stress, a military mental welfare charity, the Royal British Legion and the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association all claim that at least 10 times that number are seeking help for various psychological traumas.

    Shock news, there may be some squaddies who have depression. Are they armed too ??
  9. Thanks for that intelligent input.

    Why dont soldiers get a new job when they moan about tour lengths and overstretch?

    It's not as easy to just drop everything and change your whole life is it.
  10. The Police force has, over the last 50 years, lost its place in society. and should be slowly disbanded and a modern usefull crime and drug fighting organisation put in its place.
    Why do we train plod to be either just traffic wardens or fully tooled up pretend soldiers, with next to 4call in between..
    Once plod could be relied on to protect people from crooks and robbers, or at least have a good try,
    But now it has a section that generates income from motorists and other compliant citizens to give to the Front Line copper in his fight against a supposed terror, forgetting that their have been more people win the Lotto than have been killed by terrorists. except the bit over the water where the Paddys live.

    If senior coppers are getting depressed they can allways retire or go on the sick, the only way out for a depressed squaddie is a forsight in the gob job..
  11. Psychopaths can be very plausible and attracted to being Samaritans counsellors.

    After a while, if they get selected and trained as a counsellor, they become disruptive and are recognised as suffering the personality disorder and their counselling services dispensed with.

    If we apply Seagull logic to this situation then we would believe that the Samaritans made the man a psychopath.

    Certainly in the case of Pc Ian Hill (Thanet Police self styled "Thanet Street Warrior" convicted of breaking a handcuffed prisoner neck) I would bet good money that the report to Judge questioned how on earth he got through a police medical in the first place.

    Perhaps the Police attracts recruits from inadequates ? And instead of whinging about treacle if you don't like it find another job ?
  12. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer


    Sociiopaths (psychopaths in your terminology) and depressives are people with totally different problems. Sociopaths my not be disbled by thier condition at all. Pc Ian Hill may well be a sociopath. It is unlikely that any medical would have picked up on sociopathic traits.

    Depressives can be hugely affected by theier illness. In fact sociopathy isnt really an illness at all, whereas depression is. This means that depression can be treated. Sometimes its related to environment, (stressful work such as police work) and counselling is of great vaule. Somtimes its biochemical, so medication is most useful. For most, its a combination of the two. With skilful medical support it is entirely possible that a depressive may return to a strssful job with great success.
  13. The wheels are already in motion my mentalist friend. :wink:
  14. If nothing else, it put into perspecitve all the whining cnuts who have spent 10 years - or longer - on benefits because they are too "depressed" to work. :roll: :x

    Whatever this bloke's problems, at least he tried to work for a living rather than take the easy option.