Police - Ineffectual & Incompetent - once again!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. I am getting fed-up with hearing tales of cops failing in the basic essentialities of providing the service that they are paid to do. What is their mind-set? Who is employing these brain dead dopes? What do they think that they are doing?

    Here is the latest example of their stupidity and danger to the commonweal.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has announced an enquiry into the decision by the first officers on the scene to........"wait for help".

    Apparently a women had locked her bathroom door and lay dying inside as officers "pondered" what to do next.

    According to the IPCC the women would have lived if someone had broken the door down. However the cops waiting outside the door decided to wait 16 minutes, on 'elf and safety grounds' , whilst the correct tools were brought in!!!!!!!!

    No tools needed! How about a size 10 boot with 14 stone behind it???
  2. Any link?

    Supose they'd kicked the door in & her head was right behind it?
  3. More like 5' 0" 'ethnic quota' 8st WPC's....
  4. No tools needed! How about a size 10 boot with 14 stone behind it???

    Be fair, how are 3 WPC's gonna carry a big boot between them!
  5. I love it when some bayonet fighting hero starts slagging off PCs for doing exactly what they're supposed to do. Don't blame the officers, blame the government for imposing these rediculous restrictions on them.
    And it's easy to say 'kick the door down' when you know what's behind it, but what happens when you damage the person who's collapsed behind it, and they're badly injured and still die. Guess who they'll blame?
    And in order to avoid liability, the job will say that you acted outside of SOPs. Then guess who'll get sued. I'll give you a clue - it won't be the job.
  6. Can we have an 'outraged over the actions/inaction of the police' forum please?
  7. If you continually have a go at the police when ever something goes wrong they will work to the rules because then they can not be at fault then. But then you will get upset because the rules did not cover every eventuality. Because of people like you these rules have had to be introduced, so don't complain when they follow them.
  8. In line with the last post, the Police is a very lonely place when you do something or even are percieved to have done something outside of procedure that goes wrong. Even if decisions are made for all the right reasons you can hear the sound of scurrying feet as managers desert the people they are supposed to support and seek the safety of their own kind in the policy rooms. While the poor Pc on the front line is left alone, they will drift back to help when the coast is clear and the job stops stinking, fellas it's not like the Army trust me I know! so do not be too quick to condemn
  9. Yep it's always someone elses fault.Sometimes you have to stand up and be counted use a bit of common and make a decision,doing nothing left them in the sh1t and someone is dead good result. :x
  10. How about "the other door or window?"
  11. Don't be silly - that would involve physical movement. Then there would have been the whole messing around with first aid etc, to try and stop her from dying.

    Much less work involved in standing outside and listening to her gasping her last breaths. Also means they can get back to the station quicker, so they can get back to reading the Sport and munching on Kit Kats, whilst indulging in Walter Mitty-like, Beverly Hills Cop-themed fantasies
  12. And what if the door swings open and connects with the womans head killing her? Maybe youll then push out a thread with the same title stating how they should of waited for the proper tools? :?
  13. I just googled "killed by door" and guess what... Not a one. Not unless you count garage doors or being shot through a door or kids being done with heavy patio doors.

    What is gripping peoples pissers is the fact that coppers seem to be hiding behind 'procedure' when it goes tits-up but seem to be all too keen to make reports to prosecution offices concerning naughty (allegedly) kids.

  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    It wasnt when you pulled me for doing 97mph just north of Harpenden on the M1 last week.

    There was two of you and one of me. You were kind enough to give me a good talking to.

    I palmed your ignition keys when you said "Lets just check your VIN"

    I drove off.

    How did your day work out?
  15. Some cvut with a clip-board couldn't find the correct 'TARGET BOX' to tick if they kicked the door down.

    Some say, if they had kicked the down down they might have been sued.

    Some say the case would have been dismissed on the grounds of necessity and COMMON SENSE.

    Blair's Britain - nothing fvcking works any more!!!!!!!!!!!!