Police in the clear over Forest Gate raid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by h_8204, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. http://collect.myspace.com/reloc.cfm?c=6&id=18852050

    Britain's police watchdog today upheld just two of 153 complaints made against counter-terrorism officers for their conduct during last year's botched raid on two houses in Forest Gate, East London, when an innocent man was shot.

    But the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said that the Metropolitan Police should make a "high-profile public apology" to the families involved and should have altered their "very aggressive" behaviour as soon as they had taken control of the two houses on Lansdowne Road. They should also have planned for the possibility of their intelligence being wrong

    IPCC make sensible decision shock! faith almost restored ............
  2. Maybe the brother apology and explanation as to why he had child porn on his PC at the same time
  3. Surely that's one for MI5 to apologise over? Tin foil beanies, get your tinfoil beanies...
  4. Sadly this does look like an own goal by the good guys, made worse by an incompetent attempt to cover up by laying a peado smokescreen.

    As for the contents of the PC, without a prosecution one of two things happened:

    1. A simple prosecution of a straightforward offence was botched;
    2. It wasn't there in the first place.

    I'd love to be proved wrong, I really would.
  5. Own goal fcking right. Problem in this country at the moment is that there is no goalie. It's just do what you want and if you get it wrong fck em all.
    Someone is trying to goad the minority groups. I am certain. It does not seem right. The police apologise yet they do it with verbal constipation.
    If they are sorry then just fcking say it clear-loud and fcking proud.

    Then sack the knobbers who shot the unarmed British man.
  6. And we actually beleive the two guys arrested at Forest Gate were completely innocent, do we? :frustrated:
  7. Why have you had your very own kangaroo court. :ufo:
  8. I think the paedo pictures were found on a second-hand computer and were deleted, which means the chances are the owner of the PC would never know they were there. So, no prosecution.

    I don't agree the police should apologise - if neo nazis were bombing the underground I doubt that the target of a fruitless police raid would gain much sympathy when he turned out to have a swastika tattooed on his forehead.
  9. Apology !!!What for ?, its the price we all have to pay to live in a free and safe society, did we apologise to all the Germans, Italians inturned during WWII , besides there Beards look bloody stupid and they wear Beenie hats.
  10. A mature reasoned approach. Just what we needed, thanks.

  11. May have read this wrong and apologies if I have - but you seem to be drawing a comparison between someone who chooses to publically display an image of a facist organisation and someone who chooses to belong to a particular religion. Not sure I see the analogy.

    Good decision by the IPCC - also a bit stunned that they seem to have got it broadly right.
  12. Utter and total tit. I'm going to be charitable and assume it's a poor attempt at "humour".
  13. Absolutely, and they must also be the UKs two nicest citizens who have had their feelings hurt to the tune of £500,000 compensation each according to the Daily Mail this morning.

    £500k each FFS. I'd let you bugger me, get me pregnant and you wouldn't need to say sorry for £500k.
  14. The important word in your post is highlighted.

    There is little or nothing to seperate the two, both have choosen to follow the teachings of their particular brand of belief.
  15. one of them did get shot
    they completelty trashed the house spreading rumours to all and sundry that there was a dirty bomb nerve gas a nuke.
    when that failed there was a huge pile of cash and kiddy porn none of its turned out to be worth charing the pair with cheers easy that will be half a million :thumbdown: