Police in Texas have found a badly burnt penis...

...hanging in a tree.

Police spokesman said they suspect it to be a shuttlecock.
Perhaps it was part of the under-carriage....
Could have bee caused by a faulty fuel bollock on this fine vessel ;D ;D
Should have given more thought to the re-entry?
Quite possibly, maybe should have blown the tubes first. Still, they gave it their best shot, must have been a melting moment.
President Bush after been told about the Shuttle accident decides to ring superman-
George BusH :Superman why did you not save the lives of our brave spaceman? you could have easily done this small task!
Superman: President Bush i'm in a fucking wheelchair!
Good job it didn't land on the vicar.

It would have been bad to bash the bishop ;D
Was too busy burping the worm to notice ;D
oh gawd..well in that case, how about the gentle art of fishing for zipper trout, or maybe teasing the crabs?
Mighty, i thought you'd be teaching your dog to spit......not messing about with a little wriggler.
The wriggler is more of a constrictor.........

But its been nowhere near the dog ;D

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