Police guns too big for women officers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Police guns 'too big for women officers'
    Daily Telegraph

    My mother told me always to be wary of women with big hands.
  2. "She's a big girl, and she's got nice hands - but don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington."
  3. Some of the cars they are forced to drive are really big too, forcing them to sit on cushions and have blocks fitted to the pedals. Research is being done in Toy town to see if more appropriate vehicles can be found. :wink:
  4. I remember this coming uo about 5 years ago - it was a question as to why female police officers were not as good a shot as their male counterparts, once the size of the pistol grip was reduced the pass rate for females increased.

    The problem has already arisen and been addressed - why someone in the police would want to reactivate this "non-issue" is beyond me.
  5. If they can't hold the weapon should they be allowed to use it?

    My answer would be no. If needed there should be a check to ensure ALL firearms personnel are physically able to hold their weapons.

    Although personnally I think Liz may be overstating hte dangers of her girls shooting themselves and others.

    That is what the safetyis for.
  6. I know it's slightly off topic but I don't feel they should be using Glocks at all. It's a bloody combat handgun for Christ's sake. They need something with a manual safety. Make the Muppet's think twice before pulling that trigger.
  7. They even have to do their buttons up backwards? :?
  8. I've known two SF blokes with unusually small hands/short fingers, who got on extremely well with 9mm Hi-Powers with cut-down/slimmed grips.

    If these officers are competent and likely to be in an armed role for a while, why not modify their PWs?
  9. Bull... A female officer must meet the same standards as her male counter-part which includes expertise with her issued weapon

    A police issued weapon needs to be of sufficient caliber to reliably stop a drugged up suspect. Sure.. even a .22 can snuff out a man's life under the right conditions and shot placement matters considerably but the simple fact is that dealing with a junkie or meth-head on a rampage requires a round that will do massive trauma to tissue and bone. So... going with a smaller bullet is not practical.

    Reducing the frame size and weight increases the felt recoil which impacts both accuracy and amount of time it takes to get back on target for a second shot...

    Equality is moot when it puts the public at risk... this subject transends weapons qualifications. There are some valid arguments for having officers with enough ass on them to physically control suspects.
  10. If it was tea spoons or biscuit tins I could understand it, you mean to tell me they let some of these gals have guns.
  11. You've obviously never seen the arse on the average WPC. They tend to have more than their fair share.
  12. "An' beef to the heels, like a Mullingar heifer." :lol: :evil:
  13. Part of the reason the M11 (SIG P228) was picked for MP units in the US Army over the M9 (Beretta 92) which is in service with most everyone else in the Army was due to the fact that the female MPs couldn't get a good grip around the larger Italian pistol.

  14. I take Bad-Omen's point on females using the Glock, although inevitably there'll be gals who can handle this beast comfortably.

    In 1973, I watched an Americano reprise his 'World Record' of putting 6 rounds into a playing card in millyseconds, from a revolver. The real point is, that he had unusually small hands and which he attributed to his ability to fire with accuracy and speed. Yes, he'd customised his pistol and auto pistol grips (Pachmyhrs ?).

    Allow the girls an alternative 9mm or at least customised grips. What's the matter with the Walther anyway. It worked for the girls in NI.
  15. She was whininging about having to wear man's trousers and man's shirts which button up the opposite way and when she came back after maternity grant..her tits were too big for her shirt. FFS.