Police gun fired in changing room

It's unlikely he'll be fined, although it is a sanction available to a discipline board. Depending on the circumstances he might either lose his firearms ticket (harsh) or have to undergo re-training and assessment (more likely). The incident will be investigated thoroughly. A firearms officer without a firearms classification is going to be returned to other duties, which for a lot of these blokes is punishment enough in itself.

I've worked in two locations where there were armed police posts or police armscote facilities and I've never seen an unloading bay. They seem to make perfect sense to me, why not have them?

Unloading bays don't always give the protection they are supposed to. I have a friend who was shot through both thighs with a 9mm because of an RMP's sloppy drills. Both of them were unloading in the bay and "BANG", my mate collapses with a 9mm through his legs!
what was the story of the alleged ex SBS lad who wrote a book , detailing the example in Ireland when the lazy sigs matelot was zedding upstairs comatosed from drink when an RUC or mayebe det chap ND'd - round went through ceiling embedding itself in said matelots leg , at which point they had to wake him up from his coma to advise him that he had just been shot...unlikely story but if true funny as fook
Or the story about the unlucky Police Sgt, who was also a SAA instructor) in the City of London Police(?) who got shot in the leg by one of his colleagues whilst sitting in a transit.

So he has six months off, for treatment, recovery physiotherapy etc; and on the day of his return is doing a refresher on the range with other PCs and one shoots him in the stomach, nearly killing him. Came back to work a year later. He's in In the traffic division now!
Honestly. You give un-trained PC Plod a firearm and expect him NOT to ND?

I say: take all their gats away and give them trunchons. After all, if you believe what the government are saying, there are no firearms in the UK. I wouldn't trust a gangster with a firearm, and I sure as hell wouldn't trust a gangster in uniform with a firearm!
I was at a Police consultation event a couple of years ago where it was suggested (only partly in jest) by a Cheif Super that perhaps the Police should give up weapons and use the Army to deal with firearms incidents.

I alluded to overstretch, the Army not really being equipped for the role and also the rather OTT principle of taking on gangstas with CR2.

Funnily enough, the last point wasn't perceived as a problem.

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