Police gun fired in changing room

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wg100, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. Seems to me that it's pretty damn stupid not to have a loading/unloading bay!
    What about SOPs like having someone supervise loading/unloading in order to prevent mistakes?
    Someone had a big round to buy that night...
  2. that's only for soldiers. eveyone else seems to be treated like an adult
  3. Looks like it's the adults that we should be scared of then, doesn't it?

    Rather be treated like a kid where live ammo is concerned, at least that way I'm still alive to go to the sweet shop after.
  4. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    And yet soldiers still manage to let off rounds when and where they shouldn't!
  5. satire on
    satire off
  6. One shouldn't forget that the officer may well have followed all the common firearms safety precautions, hence the ND didn't injure anyone. It's a fact of life that ND's during load/unload can and do happen (human error, mechanical failure), which is why we (people that shoot) practice multiple safety redundancy (e.g. we point the weapon at an area that should a ND occur no living creature will be at risk).

    It does seem odd (and somewhat suspect/surprising) that the Police Station (for that matter all Police Stations) haven't designated a 'hot zone' for handling loaded weapons though.
  7. I know one or two people who have had close calls after having a knackering day out and about in Iraq. If it wasn't for the fact that someone always supervises loading/unloading, then NDs would have resulted...

    So, maybe you see it as being treated like children. I see it as a matter of safety and common sense. No matter how slick your drills are, add fatigue and mistakes can be made.
  8. they must be queueing up for the job as range supervisor on the 1m range now....
  9. guess who's got christmas day all day stag!
  10. to be honest it doesnt take much to have an area in the Police yard to set up an unloading area boxed in with either brick or Concrete and fill it with sand with idiot board above it to remind you of how to perform the procedures just in case you forgot any of it , in which case you shouldn't be handling weapons.
  11. One hopes this isn't the same officer who ND'd in London (American Embassy)a few weeks back.
    Like a few others have said, we have /had a one metre range, and god knows we use weapons more than the police, good enough for us-good enough for them.
  12. 1. Some years ago the manufacturer of a popular (in the USA) double action semiautomatic pistol had to announce a recall following several episodes in which the weapons spontaneously discharged when the operator engaged the decocking lever.

    2. I'm aware of an episode in which a federal agent thought he'd cleared his pistol when he removed the magazine and racked the slide. He found out otherwise when he accidentally shot himself in the leg. A broken or fouled extractor, I have read, will fail, leaving a round in the chamber.

    3. A skeptical, suspicious attitude toward all mechanical safety devices is a good thing.
  13. The Police are the Police and the Army the Army. Different rules for each. Whilst the suggestion of loading bays in all stations is a fair point, I see no need for this. Imagine if every ND in the Army was on thre national news, it be a daily occurence, fortunately with the police its a one off event. Lets not get to critical, it happens to the best...
  14. Indeedy. I have seen and heard of lots of ND's. From IW to LSW, From 9mm to 30mm, some ending in a harmless thud, some ending in death. Truth is they happen alot and its not always down to bad drills. (Although alot of the time it is)

    I agree with rhf1 on this, if all of ours made the headlines we would look like Dad's army rather than the British army! But simply filling a fuel drum with sand and opening the top up does the trick. Its cheap and cheerful but effective. Come on Tony Blurt... Get your hand in your pocket for something useful!

    Oh yeah and thank christ and touch wood i still havent had one!!!
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    What gave you the impression that this is a one off event ? They occur with saddening regularity.

    I found this particular episode interesting not because it has occured in a locker room, but because it was actually reported to the press.

    Yes NDs will generally occur more frequently where there is a higher incidence of firearms being carried - this event has merely served to underline the fact that there is avery good reason for loading bays.
    One can be built at every nick, they have to be neiher large nor expensive.

    You really see no need for a loading bay ? Health & Safety ring a bell ?
    It is an important item of safety eqpt, surely that would be reason enough to build them at those stations where weapons are held at the very least - better than a policeman being hit by a negligently fired bullet.