Police Guilty of Political Correctness Farce

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pyrogenica, May 15, 2008.

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  1. The police and the CPS have been forced to apologise for accusing C4 "Despatches" of distorting their reports of extremist teachings in some of the Mosques.

    Comments reported include one preacher being shown saying a homosexual should be thrown off a mountain, another that women were born deficient.

    The preoccupation with political correctness has cost the police £100,000 and a humiliating public authority against criticism that they have publicly rubbished a vaild and truthfull documentary for reasons "that they have not properly explained".

    Presumably this obsession with political correctness stems from the constant desire of the upper management to appease minority groups. Doubtless the police will not be allowed to consider prosecuting the preacher who advocated throwing gay people off mountains, as Muslim preachers presumably have free licence to say things that documentary makers can't.

    Are those responsible for managing our police force spending too much money on "diversity training" and not enough time on the streets?

    Full report here: LINK
  2. Absolutely! And too much time. I may be wrong but I believe the first five weeks of police training is spent solely on diversity training!
    Diversity training should be a two hour training course only making sure that all officers understand the principle that you don't have to like members of the public but you treat them all fairly and professionally and with common sense using your Discretion. Sorted.
  3. Amen to that hit em all with a baton and give em some trumped up charges no matter what color race or religion they are ha ha

    Im an equal oppotunity employer, i will give em all the same equal oppotunity then appoint the one with the biggest breasts
  4. I blame the mcpherson report to be honest ever since they became institutionally racist it's all been downhill.
  5. All the diversity training must urine off most of the police more than anyone. What are we left with? Equality? I think not, more often positive discrimination takes place.

    (The next comment is not muslim bashing, merely an example) A muslim cleric can spout on about the western evils and blowing the infidels into little biddy pieces and more than likely get away with it. Reverse the roles and 'race hate crime' is screamed out. Political correctness, if applied correctly, is fine but it always goes too far..
  6. Bring back Gene Hunt ;)
  7. You missed "SHOCK, HORROR" off the front of your thread title.

    A mere apology by some faceless spokes person would not be enough for me. I would want the name of the individual that made the decision and a full explanation of why they thought they could censor the media. If they dont make a big fuss, it will happen again and again.

    Remember, plod know best.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well done to Channel 4, shame on the CPS and fuzz.

    They should have been forced to pay a damn sight more than that!

    They should be brought to book for not doing enough to prosecute religious extremists and bigots.