Police gone soft?

Many years ago, one of our dog sgts acquired a new dog. It was a big, fluffy looking creature and I can't for the life of me recall the breed ( I will, but probably at around 0300hrs) Anyway, Cambridge United had drawn Chelsea in a game, at Cambridge. We were overjoyed, as you may imagine. At the end of the match there was a bit of a standoff on Stourbridge Common and a number of Chelsea fans were taking the mickey out of the sergeant and his dog. The sergeant -Bert - was not very tall and looked old-ish. The fans soon found out that a) he wasn't so old that couldn't fight and b) the very fluffy dog had a bite like a gorilla, once Bert had "sneezed" and let go of the leash. Vicious buggers. Both of them.
A Newfoundland?


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Sydney Plod seem to have gone soft too - in the head.

Thirty Lebs see their arse
This bit struck me as odd "None of the youths could be identified and so no charges were laid. Hornsby police were called to the incident and are understood to be considering whether the force Mr Driman used to protect his home was excessive."
If no one could be identified, then surely no one could've made a complaint, so how could they charge him?
that's fcuking comedy gold. I love the way these twats give it large right up to the point they get a good shoeing (or an alsatian to the nuts, for that matter).

I once kicked a Chunky's dog in the nuts, to the asphyxiating hysterical laughter of the audience who'd been watching me in a baiting suit getting treated as the comic relief. In Cyprus, in 35C.

I wonder if the flea bitten furry beast in the clip was a descendant?
One of the dog handlers I used to work with ALLEGEDLY had as a bite command “Don’t kick the dog”
Uncanny the number of little old ladies wheeled out all delighted to say that the poor dog handler did everything he could to save poor little chav from getting a good chewing and was shouting at the bad chav to not kick the dog throughout.

This one sounds made up but I was the interviewing officer and it is absolutely true.I went to the cells to interview two Asian lads who had been caught by the dogs running away from a housebreaking (burglary to those of you unfortunate enough not to live north of Hadrians wall)
The first one had bite marks on His hands, arms and I think his head as well. He was quite hostile and could only tell me to **** off, repeatedly. He was returned to his cell.
His mate was quite happy to chat and coincidentally had a coffee and cigarette. He didn’t fancy his bacon roll (!) so I ate it for him.
He had bite marks on his feet and legs and kept leaking blood on the floor.
He was quite happy to tell me the two of them had broken into the house and were giving it a good search when uniform and a dog handler turned up.
They ran away through back gardens and on hearing the dog being released he climbed up the nearest tree and saw his mate get a good savaging from the dog underneath him.
Yep I get that but how did you get bitten
“Well my mate was shouting and screaming and getting bitten, I started laughing so much I fell out of the tree and landed on the dog and it then went absolutely mental.....”
Furry crocodiles are fucking ace. Reminds me of the old joke "What's black and brown and looks good on a chav?"

A Rottweiler.
There's an urban legend in Edinburgh about a bloke who parks his car in a rough area. The local Neds offer to, "look after" his car for a tenner. He points to a huge Rottweiler in the back seat an replies his car doesn't need any extra protection.

"So yer dug can use a fire extinguisher?" asks one of the Neds.;)

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