Police get to pay £42 million in damages.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. Another victory for common sense and natural justice. Not.

    Source:The Times

    While I understand that it's the police insurers who may have to pay, this just defies common sense.

    I think the first comment under the article sums it up quite neatly.

    The motion is:
    Replace Great with Grate in Great Britain.

    Who's got the Webley? I may have a job for it.
  3. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Mr davies puts it most succinctly I believe. The Lunatics most certainly are in charge.
  4. Fuc ka stoat...... Now, where did I leave my lawyer......?
  5. Times - Old Story

    According to the original story, it seems that Gp4 (as was) claimed from their insurers, and the insurers sued the police.

    The above Times article is worth a look:

    So, because of Gp4, at least one person who should have been convicted escaped prison.

    Is it asking for too much for 'reinforced' windows that asylum seekers can't smash? Not as if disturbances are a complete surprise at such places.

    How professional, not keeping off site back ups.

    Not just Gp4 that didn't do their job properly.

    Still, amazing that Gp4 could make all these c0ck ups, then they (or their insurers) have the chutzpah to turn around and sue the police!
  6. Thats because there is an ancient piece of legislation that says Police are responsible for damages resulting from Riots.

    Hence the Police are always very reluctant to call anything a Riot. There are lots of large violent disorders instead!

    A stupid piece of legislation that the Private Security Company are relying on to pay for the damage caused at their establishment that they failed to keep order at!

    Beggars belief!
  7. Will this come from the annual budget?
  8. Possibly Insurance (then there will be a huge excess, min £250,000) or out of the budget if not covered by Insurance.

    Thats 10% + of most provincial Forces Annual budget.

    They have to win the case first though, I would have thought.

  9. Wasn't Yarls Wood built without sprinkler systems despite advice to the Home Office to fit them when the centre was being built.

    Can hardly see the fault of that being at the cost of the police!
  10. Its the old old story shit rolls down hill and the biggest lumps always stick to the easiest target.