Police get shafted on pay - are we next for 2%?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whistleblower, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Well the Police just got a 'pay cut in real terms' - does anyone think the Army will do any better? I have heard 2% is on the cards.
    The new line is that that is what the Govt WANT inlation to be, even though anyone with a brain knows it is probably triple that and the figures are fiddled.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Just like the Armed Forces, the Royal Family, countryside dwellers and people who own their own homes, the police are considered to be enemies of the proletariat. So, given a choice between the former and lesbians, gays, blacks, immigrants, chavs, doleys, criminals, donors, and lackeys, the latter will always get money at the expense of the former.
  3. I might be wrong but wasn't our 3% increase this year to be over a two year period?

  4. Thats all they deserve. Its been a quiet few years recently for the armed forces in fact might it not be a idea to cut them down a bit to save taxpayers money, Spare a thought for the poor old politicians it can't be easy running the country(into the ground) and directing companies/writing newspaper articles/going on fact finding missions/ etc etc. they are the real victims here.
    Anyway we will just recruit from the commonwealth, British army wages look attractive to them. Until the find out the cost of living in the UK,but then we will just throw in a passport

    Des Brown
    Secretary of State for Defence When I'm not helping fucking up scotland
  5. It would be very foolish for the government to drop our annual pay rises considering the current operational climate!
  6. Cutting the defence budget by even one penny in the middle of a two-front war would be 'very foolish' as well, but that hasn't stopped it being mooted...
  7. So Nurses got a pay cut, the Police got a pay cut... How about the rest of the emergency services? Fire and Ambulance next?

    It baffles me. If any party could guarantee the NHS and Military vote then they win an election! NHS and HM Forces are about 40% of the population, so lets give them a pay cut, I'm sure that's the way to get them onside....Lets add the rest of the public services just to be sure. :roll:

    T C
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    No money in the pot.

    No big pay rise.

    Not rocket science.
  9. Well if you can't even mach inflation then you've f*cked up in a big way. Surely if they were given the same % of the national budget as last year then it would be more than a 2% increase.

    T C
  10. Perhaps they can save the money by cutting Doley's benefits that the rest of us pay for.

    Got no problem helping people who genuinely need it but i'm pizzed off with supporting a workshy underclass that do nothing to help themselves, except to our money.
  11. Despite being a police pensioner I think that they did well to get 1% judged by their enthusiasm and effectiveness.
  12. Not quite in the same league as policeman and nurses, but teachers got a 2.5% payrise. Still a real term paycut taking into account fuel price rises, house price rises, council tax rising at least 5% a year etc... Apparently the govn now believes it can control inflation by cutting govn sector pay, but as usual those being cut are the "front line" staff
  13. When did you retire mate?

    If it's pre 99 (ish) I can see where you're coming from, there was some common sense left then, as well as discretion.

    If it's since 2001 may I suggest you speak to you remaining collegues in the job who will tell you what it's like now mate.

    My mates old man just retired and he's said he doesn't envy us and wouldn't go back. i think that speaks volumes.
  14. Well, as we cant strike, the ideas on the table (all great for the public - Not!) are:

    'Fire brigade' policing - ie only leaving the station for emergency calls

    Overtime ban - ie halfway through doing something you hit the end of your shift stop what youre doing and leave.

    No voulntary duties - ie not doing anything you cant be ordered to do - Driving, public order duties, dogs, helicopter, carrying a firearm.... how effective will policing be if coppers walk everywhere?

    (& before the police hating brigade on here pipe up-enough bullsh1t about how ineffective they are now, you'd soon see a difference if these sanctions were brought into play)

    Nice one Labour, how to guarantee no copper votes for you, there's money there for the pay but you'd rather waste it.

    Maybe if you didnt spend it on the PCSO experiment, useless logo changes, chasign targets & making forces employ people out of their own budget to monitor the targets,diversity focus courses, FCUKING SEGWAY SCOOTERS!
  15. There must be plenty of money, cos Broon seems to be giving a shitload away to Africa.