Police Get New EcoFriendly Patrol Vehicles

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ukdaytona, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Great...... Except for those helmets.

    'If you want to look a tw@t, wear a funny hat.'

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    So these

    Can't cops simply walk on their own two legs anymore?

    A complete waste of money

    Tell me - what capability gap do these fill?

    How to make a copper look like a tit perhaps? :roll:
  3. Shouldnt there be a blue light on top?
    THis has to be a wind up of some sort...
  4. Maybe if the chap on the left ate a few less pies and walked a little more often there wouldn't be a need for Segway's to fill the I can't walk more than a couple of yards before blowing out of my arrse capability gap.
  5. ....and the siren?
  6. There was something up here in Scotland recently about the Police using similar things in some shopping centre or other, stating that they can see over the top of the crowds?????
  7. Nope. Sad to say these things are used by quite a lot of police forces around the world.

    Most of them can afford a decent hat for the person using it though.


    Still not as daft as the French rollerblade police I saw in Paris last year. :)
  8. Police, Camera, Action will never be the same.

    Regan is turning in his Sweeney grave!
  9. There is one at the base of the control stick type thingy
  10. Maybe I'm wrong, but judging by my kids cycle helmet those dobbers have got theirs on the wrong way round!!!!!
  11. On the coppers themselves:
    - Not looking like a tit is important when trying to earn respect.
    - Those pictures just put me off ever applying to join.
    - What happens if they need to give chase?

    On the sedgeways:
    - How much do they cost?
    - How fast do they go?
    - Can you take them off-road?

    - What's wrong with walking?
  12. FFS, what cupid stunt thought this up? And who was using the Family Braincell at the time? 8O :x
  13. Police in Tenereife use them for patrolling the prom betwen Los Cristianos and Torviscas. Does make them very obvious!
  14. I'd be willing to put money that this is so they can recruit "less abled" people into the "service"

    Feck knows what they'll do if they get to a set of stairs - its going to be like the daleks all over again!

    Of course, if you want to create a fast response police officer, who gan get around quickly and quietly (yet still tackle stairs) then you need to get to