Police, gat, tescos?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by o0matt0o, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. So me and a friend were being the usual good for nothing louts and thought we'd go for a midnight walk around the town.
    We stopped off in tescos for the usual essentials (doughnuts, muffins etc..) and there was 2 police officers one with a taser and one with a genuine pistol strapped to his hip. Both me and my friend were pretty damn sure Brit police didn't routinely carry pistols. Has this changed?
    I know there is serving police on this site and people just genuinely more clued up than us so anybody explain?
  2. Firearms trained/qualified coppers are regularly sent out on routine patrols and tasks round my neck of the woods. (Most forces do now I think.)

    No point having separate firearms trained bodz doing nothing or having to go back to the nick to collect guns when you can have the ****ers out and about doing normal police work.
  3. Ah cheers for that, I live down in cornwall and very rarely see a bobbie with a taser never mind a gat so it took us both by surprise seeing a copper wondering around tescos with a pistol..
    is this a fairly recent thing for them to be sent out on routine with pistols as I've never heard of it before?
  4. Has the op just been released after a very long spell in prison?
  5. No just very rare occurrence to even see tasers in Cornwall... It just isn't the norm down here
  6. Quite a few years now pistol and/or Taser on belt and MP5 in the boot.
  7. Tesco point duty.

    The Hun is coming guard the aisles.

    On guard whilst CID checked out a good sauce

    Something they had to checkout

    Playing cowboys ... wild west.

    Hope this was helpful
  8. Next time you're taken by surprise seeing them, try to take them by surprise yourselves and see who ends up most surprised. Post reulsts in current affairs or start an RIP thread.
  9. Nope
  10. Tesco Express in the early hours of the morning in the back of beyond. Two dodgy looking characters and two guys looking for muffins and doughnuts.

    "Scuse us mate, are Police officers armed nowadays?"

    "Not routinely no. We are firearms trained officers, on duty in the area car"

    "OK, thanks for that, it will stop me from starting a pointless thread on Arrse"

    "No problem bud, we are here to serve, enjoy your muffins. Can I have a doughnut?"
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  11. It was Cornwall.
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  12. I suppose you came across them in the Pastries and Doughnuts aisle?
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  13. Try buying one of them new telly things and watch a broadcast called the news it may help with your queries on everyday life, failing that I believe the wireless is available in parts of cornwall, I know this because I have been to Cornwall in my motor car, you and your friend may have seen me in it ?
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  14. Come to London, armed bobbies are the norm. Even the motorcycle cops have them.
  15. Would your comment have been a tad different, if the OP had said it was in Kent and not Cornwall?