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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by ex_donkey_man, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Is it just me, is anyone finding that the 2 main Police forums are down?
    I know they'd been hacked the other day, as soem people had troubles in the Met section. But for the last couple of days the Specials has been down, then I got some junk e-mail over "Jubilee celebrations" about redirecting the wealth to the poor. The main police one is down today as well - Will ARRSE be hacked???
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  2. Yes, I've had the email. Got quite excited - thought the "glorious day" had come and got my Che Guevara t shirt out.
  3. One of the policemen who runs it tried to make the servers faster by oiling them. But they're confident that banning a few black men should sort the problem.
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  4. Does that mean that they'll all be coming over here to moan about their pensions then?
  5. Oh hooray.
  6. It was getting to the stage at one time where this site was in danger of being over run by disgruntled public service workers. The worst offenders are those who step out of one uniform and straight into another. On they come, giving it large, and when they find that their former Army colleagues have more important things to worry about, they become offensive and confrontational. Childish ***** the lot of them. Oh, and let's not forget the continual referencing to 'Inspector Gadget' who has been so pissed off with his chosen employment for years now, that you'd think he'd have done the sensible thing and ******* retired.
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  7. Ha ha, the D+C ones are moaning about the increase in the crime rate.
    Why would you moan, about somthing that might keep you, in ur nice cosy Gold plated job, and pension for life.
  8. Not any more fella. Hence the trouble.

    No such thing as a job for life anymore according to this coalition of *****, plus the pension's going in 2015.

    I'm mag to grid'ing the Job and have an escape route on better money sorted.

    Those who whine on here about how shit plod are now need to realise what's coming in the pipeline.

    The coppers on here are 'moaning' about it as we know what's about to happen- to all of us. It's shite.

    I for one don't want to be pulled over by a glorified security guard and given a ticket/summons for every minor matter.

    Plus, G4S and Serco run a lot of the local council CCTV 'traffic enforcement' schemes at the moment. When they're running the local Police force too, how much discretion and benefit of the doubt do you reckon they'll be giving wen profits are at stake?

    Take the piss and slag off Die Alte Wilhelm all you like but the alternative is ******* frightening
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  9. You're right. They might end up hiring a mixture of fat lazy biffs and shaven-headed halfwits who run away from anybody who might give them a slap.

  10. I'm confused. Are we still talking about plod or countryside alliance members?

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  11. Ironic if it's been hacked by Sun newspaper reporters.
  12. Couldn't make this up

    wonder if the hackers found anything of interest in the non public areas might end up on wiki leaks. Bet the poop will hit the fan if they target the pnn email addys they find on there.
  13. Oh dear, someone's had a ticket/telling off recently.

    Well I'm not fat, lazy nor have I ever run away from someone who might give me slap (apart from my Mrs).

    I've been stabbed, broken bones - mine and theirs, been in riots, saved lives, nicked scum etc.... All the things you apparently think we don't do.

    But if you think some 19k G4S mong will do that then thou art unfortunately mistaken my old titsniffer.
  14. No, never. Well a £20 ticket for not wearing a seatbelt just after it came in.

    Mr bitey bitey crocodile.
  15. Well not exactly a bite, more an explanation.

    The media have been fuelling the governments lies about public sector pay and 'gold plated' bullshit for a while now. Including out and lies on a big page and then the retraction- if it comes at all- in a tiny corner somewhere.

    I believe this is part of the govts strategy to soften people up to the destruction of our current policing model. The erosion of which started years ago.

    Public sector = expensive as far as this mob are concerned. Far better to fiddle the crime figures and spin the results than deal with the reality of a failing criminal justice system