Police force admit illegally rejecting White recruits.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. A police force has admitted illegally rejecting 108 potential recruits because they were white men.

    Gloucestershire Police "randomly deselected" the men to boost its number of ethnic and women recruits, a tribunal heard.

    One of the rejected men, Matt Powell, 30, took action, claiming he had been discriminated against.

    The force was ordered to pay £2,500 compensation to Mr Powell.

    Mr Powell said: "I firmly believe a wrong has been done here. I was, I still am, desperate to be a police officer and they have unfairly discriminated against me."

    Gordon Ramsey, from Gloucestershire Police, told the hearing: "We were trying to advance diversity in the force and we thought at the time that this was a lawful, positive action.

    "When we found out, after an independent investigation, that it wasn't lawful, we accepted that.

    "We apologise for the distress caused to Mr Powell and the other candidates."

    The case comes six months after Avon and Somerset Police admitted they had illegally rejected almost 200 applications from white men for the same reason.

    The Police Federation of England and Wales, which represents police officers, fears more forces could be doing the same.

    Police are under pressure to meet the government target that by 7% of officers in England and Wales should be from ethnic minorities by 2009.

  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Are the police retaining candidates that are less capable but meet diversity requirements or is the recruitment process comparing candidate A & B, assessing them as the same and then choosing A because he helps that target?
  3. I bet it's been going on for ages. It just took a determined individual to expose this carry on.
  4. The police are coaching minority candidates through the selection process. It's called affirmative action by lefties but called cheating by normal human beings.

    Whatever happened to selection on merit and ability rather than skin colour?

    The odd thing is, the EO Commission and CRE are themselves guilty of discriminating against peopel on the grounds of sex and race.

    Who polices the thought police?
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Has he now been accepted in the police?
  6. Lets get this into perspective... Whoever made these racist decisions against the recruits should be dismissed. I seem to remember that the police supposedly do not tolerate "Racists" in their midst and sack them.

    Are their going to be any sackings or resignations? Will their be any undercover reporters investigating this shocking state of affairs? Will the press and politicians be screaming institutionalised racism?

    I won't hold my breath.... Fecking hypocrites!
  7. I rarely agree with you WP but this time you are spot on.
  8. Ive applied to the Police three times and never got past the application stage, despite having 9 yrs experiance in the RMP and I got 2 serving police officers to look over my appication form on the last application. It took 7 months for them to tell me I was unsuitable! Yet a 19yr female friend of the family applied at the same time and got in! Straight from school!
  9. They really thought that? What a load of bollocks. Mind you, I now know what to say if I'm caught speeding, drink-driving etc.
  10. sniffer, don't let some of my more extreme rantings fool you. I don't discriminate against anyone on the grounds of skin colour, I treat everyone how I myself expected to be treated. If people are racist to me, then I simply respond in kind.

    The whole thing with the EO "Industry" is that it is built on lies and hypocrisy. Personally speaking, all I want to see is a good copper irrespective of race or gender. What is happening now is that lower quality candidates are being recruited which has two effects.

    Firstly it actually incites racism and resentment from those illegally and unfairly rejected.

    Secondly, if the candidate isn't up to the job then that merely reinforces predjudice against minorities.

    If I was a good ethnic minority candidate I would be rather p*ssed off at being associated with such a policy.

    Merit! Merit! Merit!
  11. I have heard from serving coppers in the West Mercia force that if a 'minority' candidate fails selection, he/she can still get through because of their ability to bring other 'positive'qualities to the job....
  12. My other half has just moved in with me, moving from Telford to Nottingham. Luckily Nottm police were accepting transfer applications so he hand delivered his application to Notts Police HQ in Person. Closing date Aug 11th. We hear nothing so out of interest I check the web site and they are still accepting applications, the cynic in me may say thats because they havent received enough from the minority groups. He rings up to see what the score is and they say they never received his application ! He put it in their hand for fecks sake. Now I'm thinking have they really never received it or is it convieniently lost because hes a white male with 16ys service behind him in west mercia. If only he claimed he was a black disabled muslim lesbian he would be a shoe in.
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    The term "Force" is misleading. They cannot call themselves Police forces because it implies some sort of repression or hostility.

    So they call themselves a Police service. But in my experiece that's an even worse misnomer.

    Bitter and twisted? Moi?
  14. Been going on for years now and not just in the police service. Glad to see somebody fought and won this "positive discrimination"

    Slightly off topic but i am just going to phone sheilaswheels and diamond for a car insurance quote then ask them why they wont insure me because i am male
  15. Call me cynical, but I reckon if you added up the total manpower required to fill all the targets for public sector "diversity quotas" - 4% here, 7% there, and added that the equivalent private sector total. Then compare the final figure to the actual pool of ethnic minorities who were of working age.

    I reckon you'd find that to achieve all diversity targets you'd need to quadruple the UK's ethnic minority population!