Police Flying

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by MightyGem, Jul 11, 2003.

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  1. Looking for a job early next year? PremiAir (formerly McAlpines) will require 3 pilots for the Surrey Police Air Support(based at Fairoaks) starting around next April.

    The usual ATPL, 2000hrs etc, probably starting around £35K. Post or e-mail me for more info.  8)
  2. Do you think they'd take a HGV2 driver?
  3. Yep, I think they're looking for a bowser driver as well  ;D ;D
  4. Ho hum, if pigs could fly ;D
  5. They want any groundspikes ?
  6. do u get to chase badmen daddy??????????
  7. OOooooo, I don't like bad men (ORG, MDN). Think I'll stick to computers.