Police flog DNA DBase

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. A report in today's telegraph reveals that DNA DBase records have been sold to the private sector.

    Although the authorities assure us that no personal identities were revealed to these companies it seems the goalposts have yet again been moved. From what was a DBase purportedly set up to fight crime (and which holds details of persons not even convicted of a crime) we have now moved to a position where the police can sell data to private companies.

    More worrying is that this information had to be obtained under the FOI by an MP. Why did a member of a body charged with scrutiny and oversight have to submit a FOI to gain access to information that should be routinely available, particularly as it is an issue of national importance. Talk about the death of democracy.

  2. And we are surprised at this...the police must of course turn a profit how else is public service to serve there master

    Liabour watching for your every need...
  3. It's 'owned' by the Home Office, not The Police.
  4. Biscuits,

    Perhaps, but overseen by the NPIA, itself part of the Police, which presumably collects the fees for the sale of this info - hence the title of this thread. I stand by to be corrected, however.

  5. Anyone who said thinks that the ID card scheme is not a threat to them personally, had better think again.
  6. Hate to piss on the outrage bandwagon, but this is probably the biggest DNA database in the country. Where else do you expect researchers to go - or are you suggesting that any statistically based research carried out on DNA should be disallowed?

    Given that only half, well 25 out of 45, applications were approved suggests to me that that they could be treating this data appropriately.
  7. Isn't their head honcho a civvy? (.e. not a police officer)
  8. your DNA is yours, it is not up to the police or anyone else to start selling someting which is yours and yours alone.
  9. Along with those who say only the guilty have anything to fear being DNA databased 'Skicarver'.

    Yes DNA is a great tool in solving and gaining convictions but as with many other things has the ability to be subverted.

    Insurance companies are just itching to have DNA included as part of getting insurance for life or health, and we all know how Insurance companies like to play fair. :roll:

    regardless of this being sold by the police directly or the home office that is is being sold is wrong.
  10. I'm not disagreeing with you. It was only a matter of time before this sort of activity happened anyway.

    PS. It's not that great a tool either.
  11. PB,

    Yes. Because it's only a matter of time before statistically-based research migrates into non-statistically-based areas.

  12. i agree that research with anounymous data can be appropriate but...

    Is it right too allow any commercial access, NPIA may have control at this time but how long before they are made and executive agency, etc etc we all know where that path tends too lead.

    That a MP had to use FOI act is an indication that once again liabour are on the path flogging stuff with there usual gay abandon.
  13. As your local council is already selling your personnal details to all and sundry,this was the next step?
    I would be outraged,but it is too hot,and I can't be arrsed.
  14. Hands-up those of you who actually read the article (and not just the headline)?