Police Fitness Test Failure gets £30k pay out.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Pararegtom

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  2. Send key setting, over.

    I will assume my internet wizardry has failed me and somebody has fixed this. Cheers.

    Re the subject matter I'm absolutely appalled. I'm off to work in a few hours and the car I have to use for everything from going to get a statement to pursuits in excess of 100mph is only 3 years old but has 140,000 on it, an engine that over heats daily, a suspicious knock whenever you negotiate a right hand bend and a boot that has got form for just popping open when you hit speed bumps at anything more than 1mph.

    That 30k and money like it could make the job safer and easier for us mugs who are still stupid enough to remain fit and able enough to do the job we're employed to do.
  3. [​IMG]

    Coming next, early retirement on stress grounds.

    Kerching! Kerching! Kerching!
  4. I didn't even realise that someone can make a compensation claim to a Tribunal and remain working? I assume that she is still working? If so, she has now humiliated herself to a much higher degree.

    If this leads to having easier times for physical activity of this nature, which are related to age and sex, it makes a mockery of the equal rights situation.

    The rioting mob is hardly likely to make any allowances for age and sex is it!! "Hang about guys, do the decent thing and give the lady an extra 15 secs to get here."
  5. She hasn't actually been awarded 30k though.
  6. The point is, she should have been****ed off at high port as soon as the judge heard the complaint. But like most of his kind, he's so far out of touch with reality he could'nt make contact even by shouting loudly and hitting it with a big stick.
  7. Not that out of touch, the armed forces have sexist, I mean gender fair tests.
  8. True, might only get a token amount, which will cause her more humiliation. I wouldn't be surprised though if she got the maximum in this bizarre PC country of ours.
  9. Oh. Dear. God.


    Yes, the Army, and indeed the Armed Forces, have gender and age specific tests. But they also restrict entry to certain types of unit and operations to people who can pass tests at a certain level. If you wish to join the Paras, Royal Marines or UKSF, you have to pass the tests, which are pretty much written in stone. And before you start, this is not a comment on women who serve in the Armed Forces. I am simply trying to point out that using certain Army tests as an example is flawed.

    The woman had applied to join a unit that, by police standards, is an elite. Not only that, her course was designed to train Commanders of that unit, who could lead these men and women in the field, during violent disorder. If you insist on using the Army as an example, would you put a 50 year old officer who had failed P Company in charge of a Para section on patrol in Afghanistan?
  10. Is it really set in stone? You do know that females used to carry different weights on SRR selection for example?

    To use your rather bad example, In other parts of the army where shit might happen why would a 50 year old officer who fails his PFT by one second be any worse than a 50 year old female who passed hers by one second? The bloke being 2 minutes 28 seconds faster.
  11. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    WW I'm ashamed to admit it, but the article implies that the judge is female. Agree regarding her being out of touch with reality, and will copy your description, which I admire.
  12. I'd heard that, 'though like 99% of people on here, I've no idea wether it's real or just an urban legend. Even if true, SRR recruits female soldiers to perform a specific role. Which is why their Selection is different to the SAS/SBS. It does not mean that a women who cannot pass the Selection will be allowed to join the unit, just because of her gender. The point is: tests must be specific to the role of the unit, be it police or military - not to the gender or age of the applicant. If you cannot pass at a level that enables you to safely perform every duty the unit requires of you - tough shit, you are not getting in.

    Life is not fair and not everyone is born equal. Deal with it.
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  13. My bad if true, though I stand by my other comments. And I nicked the description from one of Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, so crack on!:biggrin:
  14. For the love of god! British policing, once the envy of the world, now the laughing stock!

    This might open a few floodgates. My old unit had a 2 minute 15 standard for that test, but the unwritten rule being that if you were over 2 mins you needed to sort yourself out, so plenty of female applicants didn't get in or, once on the dept, failed it and got bollocked.

    But worse of all was being at the HQ gym and watching the new recruits come in and do their pitiful level 5.4 bleep test. I saw recruits physically shaking prior to it, one walk in with a box of tissues complete with theatrical nose blowing before promptly failing the level 4 warmup, and one run off in tears after failing it. One common denominator.....all female.

    But what annoys me the most (I'm ranting now) is that the bleep test level was lowered to allow more female candidates to get in, straight from the HR womans mouth, yet they still fail it! It annoys me because female officers who train hard and look after themselves, for example Mrs TSG who's fit as fook and numerous other female officers I've worked with who trained or played sport, get painted with the same brush as these wasters who are lacking moral fibre and self respect.