Police fiddle Crime stats....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by squiffy_parsons, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Amazing, vandalism to cars is not to be reported as a crime soas to keep crime stats down, however go 5mph over the speed limit and your a criminal. :roll:

    What a bunch of arse crawling ZANU Labour Police Chiefs.



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  2. Thats nothing new. A couple of nights ago some "yoofs" were destroying gates, pillars and posts on our estate. When we rang the police call centre (Manchester) we were told "vandalism isn't a crime".

    The definition of an acceptable 999 call is "......if a crime is being committed or has just been witnessed, there is a risk of injury, or a risk of serious damage to property."

    The wombles on the phone don't quite seem to understand this!
  3. Hmmm

    Cant prove how it happened - dont record it as a crime,

    A lot of this is - unless a victim is identified, there's no crime.

    It kind of adds up for criminal damage - you find a car with no wheels up on blocks, have they been stolen or is the owner fixing it?

    The real problem is when it comes to technical definitions and fiddling the stats....

    Youve had your handbag taken from you in the high street, the guy barged past you and ripped the handbag from your grasp - technically a robbery (mugging) but will most likely be reported as a theft (same level as pickpocketing) as the level of force used will be disputed.

    Same for buglary, guy smashes front window of your house, pushes all the glass out with a view to getting in and stealing stuff. He hears an alarm and farks off. It's an attempted burglary but will go down as a criminal damage as his intent wasnt known at the time.

    These are the dangers of punishment based centrally set targets.
  4. Typical Police Farce call center.

    When the Health Center by me place was being broken into by yoofs the best the 999 call center could do was "would I mind having a look and it would good if I take a torch with me"...obviously worried about my Health and Safety. They never did send any Police Farcemen.
  5. Police are not there to stop crime, theyre there to close the reassurance gap and make you think that crime hasnt/doesnt happen.

    This is the word of the Gord, thanks be to Blair.
  6. Jan Berry, Police Fed Chair said..
    "I would scrap targets and go back to the drawing board. Crime statistics have become a science in their own right. They have never been a true reflection of crime."

    Absolutley. The public are being conned, just as they are with PCSOs. Plod is driven to be pro active to find crime and some bobbies I know are being lambasted by bosses for finding too much and pushing the figures up i.e possesion of drugs, public order (listed as violence on the stats). In my farce they hold onto some crimes at the end of the month bcause they are over target and submit them the following month and so it rolls on.

    Carrot... Reach targets and get more finance, don't reach targets and get penalised making it harder to reach targets next year. Ho hum 1800-0400 Hrs shift this week.
  7. Of course you wont be using your car to get home from work at those times, as you would be punished by our car hating govt, think of the carbon footprint, public transport is perfectly adequate.
  8. Jesus, that sounds like some of the sales force in the office knowing that they are going to have a tight time next month so they put sales through later than they should for a bit of extra cash!
  9. Not wanting to side with "the filth" but I think the problem isn't the the actual Police, its the people at the call centers. We have a hell of a lot of problems where I live and no matter how many times we ring the plod we are speaking to call center people who don't have a clue and can't disseminate info down the chain to the people who can do anything about it. 9 times out of 10 we speak to the police on the street and they aren't aware of the problems we face! How can this be?
  10. That's just it. Plod Farces are being run along similar lines to Civvy companys. Theres' no Justice. Just Stats.
  11. Why not?

    The police are victims of the same inept corrupt government.

    and muppet staffed call centres, ther was a serious proposal once to out source them to india, I sheeyit thee not.
  12. I couldn't agree more, the police are victims too. They do a fecking hard job with cock all thanks or praise from people like me but I won't side with them as a whole as I just don't trust them as a whole. I've met some bloody good coppers who give a toss and I've met some right wankers too.

    My personal experience of the police are 50/50 good and bad and they aren't odds i'd side with. Does that make me a bad person, probably yes, but I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people felt the same.

    As for the India thing, maybe then we'd get someone who actually knew something answering the phones? They can't be worse than the people I've spoken to! :twisted:
  13. Them or the system?

    if you think 50/50, then, personally, I think youre mad.

    but I can see where you got that from.

    Most of the boys and girls I work with I'd trust as a member of the public, to give me the best they could offer.

    But having said that, I dont think the best the current system can offer is very good half the time - lack of resources and a system biased towards the current 'in thing' when it comes to crime, are two of the big problems. Also a weak courts and prisons system fails the public at every turn.

    Combine that with an overstretched police force, burdened by political correctnes, a drive for over accountability, and officers scared to keep their jobs, .... oh dear.
  14. Mad? Thats the nicest thing anyones ever said to me! haha

    The numbers i've put forward reflect my own contact with the Police as a whole in which I'm including the wombles at the call centers. Don't get me wrong I'm not cop bashing in the slightest. Like you say how can you Police the country with both hands tied behind your back? The problem I have seen from my own experience is that on the a good portion of occasions the Police who I have dealt with have acted like they are doing me a favour!

    I've been on both sides of the law victim and "criminal" and the few officers I have dealt with were far nicer to me when they knew I was bumping up their quota!
  15. The police have been 'adjusting' the crime figures for decades. If a crime free environment was deemed essential for promotion, things were written up as 'no crime'. If crime was required to boos personnel, everything was recorded. They have had alot of Government assistance in this - from all/both political parties - to help them convince us that it's safe out there.
    To remove doubt, with a few minor exceptions, if it's on the statute books and you can put in an appearance at Magistrates' Court then it's a crime.